Helloooooo There.....!?!?!

<p>Who else is applying to Puget Sound and why?
I'm applying because I need to get out of Cali and Oregon sounds absolutely breathtaking. Plus, they seem to have a nice "quirky" vibe with pretty solid academics (like a less demanding Reed)! And their guidebook sold me! Lol :)
So who else is out there?! We need to get this thread alive, 2012'ers! :D</p>

<p>Hi-- Puget Sound is actually in Tacoma WA, not in Oregon. Good luck with your application!</p>

<p>Our son, and his parents, love UPS. Finding the right school is about finding the right match... within one week of being there he calls us and says that he is "intellectually stimulated and challenged by both classmates and profs." What more could we ask for.... well here you go.... He was also an RA and received lot s of training to be on lookout for "issues" that freshWO/men might have re adjustment etc. As parents we were impressed by his level of training.</p>

<p>He has gotten involved in several activities on campus which led to his being introduced [, by his IR Gov't prof] to an alum who is a retired US Ambassador . This for a kid who lived in China/Taiwan for 8 months improving his Chinese. The profs speak to each other about the students and carry through on their promises to help! I bet this might be common at other liberal arts colleges but this happened here at UPS.... </p>

<p>We looked at east and west coast schools and there was no contest in terms of genuine helpfulness and concern. Everyone at UPS, up to the Prez, are just real nice AND real smart folks. All phone calls picked up by a real person or returned in less than 24 hours [try that with an east coast school!] It is a numbers game with colleges. They want kids to apply so they can turn them down so they can be perceived as "selective" and charge more $$ [or for other marketing reasons]. Since there are more kids on east coast the colleges there play their #s game re admissions/acceptances etc. They get so many applications/ acceptances that individual kids are just stats to them. We did NOT get that feeling at UPS.</p>

<p>Diff depts have their strengths and weaknesses I assume, like most places. The new science bldg is gorgeous and several profs we met are down to earth, thoughtful and helpful. As for comment comparing UPS to Reed, from what I hear Reed is uber intense; smaller student population and now getting play for the college that steve jobs dropped out of. Kids just seem down to earth, thougthul and serious. I am sure there are "activities " such as drinking, etc that allkids do. Did not see any anglo kids with rasta hair or smoking mint clove cigarettes.... if you do those things UPS might not be for you. </p>

<p>Tacoma is ok, have not spent much time there tho seems to be on the upswing. The local n'hood around UPS has some cool areas for food, shopping, etc.... Seattle is only 40 minutes away as is the Olympic Peninsula and national park in other direction ! Really really beautiful. He does not seem to mind the rain or clouds... good for him.... not for me.</p>

<p>The 4 years have gone by quick and we see measured increases in intellectual thought and maturity. It has been a great educational experience for him as he launches his life/career forward.</p>

<p>Really nice post, rockyhi. Thanks!</p>

<p>Freshman son home for Winter break. UPS is exceeding his and our expecations. Terrific academics, plenty to do, nice people, beautiful campus, great area. He is very happy there.</p>

<p>Yes.. I second the great post rockyhi.. my S is applying.. he visited a few years back as my parents live right out of Tacoma across the bridge. Absolutely breathtaking campus and my S is really excited about the essay prompts.. after reading the prompts decided this is a school for him. Have always heard great things about the school.. he has already been admitted to Western Washington, but really wants a smaller school.. FYI..we are from Cali.. not WA.. my S just happens to really like WA.. he is very outdoorsy...rock climber/mountaineer, search and rescue.. etc.. Does anyone knoew about merit aid?</p>