hellpppppp... :0(

<p>Okay so I JUST got back my Oct 9 SAT scores today. It was my third time taking it and I REALLY HOPED/NEEDED to improve in verbal!!! But I ony improved in math AGAIN.</p>

<li>SAT 10/03- 590V 580M</li>
<li>SAT 6/04- 570V 660M</li>
<li>SAT 10/04- 570V 690M</li>

<p>so cumulative 590V 690M</p>

<p>I’m soooo upset. Verbal is horrible. Such a difference between math and verbal scores. I LOVE georgetown. My interview went really well, I have a ton of ECs and community service, hispanic (don’t know if that helps any), 4 APs, high GPA, private competitive highschool. Are my chances totally gone? Please be straight up honest. And should I try taking the SAT for the 4th time to improve verbal? I don’t think that would look good… someone please let me know. Anything I can do?</p>

<p>First, are you applying EA? I guess that your score isn't too low for Georgetown, but it could be higer. You cummulative is 1280, and people have been admitted with a score like yours. Basically, I remember reading on the Gtown site (I think) the stats for SAT scores. Basically, with a score of 700+ your chances are around 40%, but with a score below 500, they reduce to 10%. I think for a score around 600, it something like 20% which is the admissons rate, so your chances haven't dropped too much. It all depends on your grades. If they are higher than the SAT scores suggest (like 90's and up or better yet 95's) then they may not weigh the SAT scores as heavily. Remember, SAT (unforunately) test how well you write a test, not how well you'll do in college. I got into Gtown with 660V and 700M. Like you I took the SAT several times, and improved my M but not V (M was 640 first time around!). </p>

<p>Now, if your not applying EA, you may be able to retake the test. I suggest sending in your app, not specifiying that you;ll do so. Take the SAT in December, but really prepare for the verbal and don't stress too much about math. There's a book that gives you 10 practice SAT's. Do at least 3 or 4 before you test again. If your score is improved, send it to Gtown! Write them a letter/email or call them that you retook the SAT and the scores are on the way. If you do poorly, they don't need to know you retook the test again. </p>

<p>Let me know if you have any more questions! Good luck.</p>

<p>Hey go ahead and try, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.</p>

<p>take the ACT the verbal stuff is easier because there is less of it and more science and math</p>

<p>Well, I got an 1150. I know somebody who got a 1090. I know tons of people who got in the 1100-1300 range and are now attending Georgetown. brenner87 is right - you have nothing to lose by applying. Good luck!</p>

<p>Thanks guys a bunch. alukaszewicz- yes I applied early action- They have already notified me and received my application! I have almost all A's. Nothing lower than a B. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I took the ACT and it was comparable to my SAT scores. hoyasaxa- if you don't mind me asking, what were you accomplishments/ resume/ grades like?</p>