<p>I've heard that the police officers on campus are really strict when it comes to parking and require helmets. Are they that strict on bikers? is it necessary to purchase a helmet?</p>

<p>No helmets are required. I hardly ever saw anyone wearing a helmet, and I never wore one all year. </p>

<p>As for the parking, they are SUPER STRICT. NEVER park where you are not supposed to, or you will almost certainly get a ticket! I got three parking tickets last year, yet only parked where I wasn't supposed to four times. They got me 75% of the time!</p>

<p>Parking ticket #1 - I parked in a parking lot just to run into the post office on campus for 10 minutes. I come back out right as the police officer is writing me a ticket. I made my case and told him to please let it go, but he was a prick. </p>

<p>Parking ticket #2 - I had a night pass (which lets you park in almost any lot from 5pm-6am). I walk outside from the library annex at 6:45am after a long night of studying only to find a ticket on my car because I forgot it ended at 6am. The parking lot was empty and that ***hole still wrote me a ticket.</p>

<p>Parking ticket #3 - I tried to park in the parking garage without paying and got caught. This is the only ticket I felt like I actually deserved :P</p>

<p>So basically they are indeed super strict. You probably didn't want to hear about my tickets but I had to vent. :P</p>

<p>Not sure if you mean bikes or motorcycles, but for bikes... We were told at NSC that if students ride their bikes the wrong way on a one-way street they will be given tickets! There are supposedly campus police who ride bikes around campus checking for this. Amazing they would have the time/resources to bother with something like that!</p>

<p>^I'd say that's usually not true. I've never heard of that happening, and during school hours there are hundreds of people on campus riding the wrong way on bikes and no one cares. I've ridden bikes everywhere on campus and have never been told anything, and I go the wrong way all the time if it's a quicker route.</p>

<p>So do many people who ride bikes wear helmets?</p>