HELP!!!1!!1 i need a list of schools to apply to

<p>ok my sat score is 1000
my GPA is 3.3 but the transcript is weird...</p>

<p>in freshman year I got all A's and had a 4.25 GPA (6 pre-AP classes)
in sophmore year I got A's and B's
at the end of sohmore year my dad died so i got all depressed and everything and started smoking pot
my junior year grades sucked i got C's and D's and one F in computer science
well i'm actually in my senior year but not really, its hard to explain.....i should have graduated already...well i am this fall....</p>

<p>i won a art contest, and i'm really good in drawing....but i havent decided what to major in</p>

<p>so gpa is 3.3 and a 1000 sat score but i might retake it</p>

<p>i wanna go to a school far from where i live....i hate this place (florida)....i wanna go to school somewhere in the northeast like massachusets and all those sates......or midwest too......but nowhere in the south or california....</p>

<p>also....i cant afford school at all, and my mom owes a ton of money to the IRS but it shows on her income tax that she makes ok money so my EFC will prolly suck....but basically i dont have a dime for school...</p>

<p>so ok i'm looking for a small school that is easy to get into....has housing for students....and is someplace up north........and that offers pretty much all tuition even if its in loans or work study i dont care......and i dont like jocks or preps so please a school with the least if any of those species.......and i dont like parties so a serious and studious school is kewl but thats no big deal...</p>

<p>...ok thanks..</p>

<p>You should consider some art schools. Rhode Island School of Design is an excellent, smaller school, located in Rhode Island in very close proximity to Brown. It is expensive, but there's always financial aid. Take a look at your options and consider some of the smaller state schools, as well.</p>

<p>Here are a few schools in Massachusetts:</p>

<p>UMass Boston (match)
UMass Dartmouth (match)
UMass Lowell (match/reach)
Suffolk (match)
Curry College (match)
Salem State College (match)</p>

<p>i dont know if this will help you but since you like art -- San Francisco Art Institute. just throwing it out.. hehehe. its not inn the east though.</p>

<p>you know what the problem is that most art schools requiere a portfolio so you might not be able to get in without a portfolio, and also remember that art schools dno't have large endowments. The only one I can think of that doesn't need a portfolio is Savannah College of Art and Design.</p>

<p>I would recommend applying to your flagship state school.</p>

<p>What state are you located in.</p>

<p>Take a look at some of these schools: MacDaniel College (Maryland), Goucher College (Maryland), Hartwick College (NY), Arcadia University (PA).</p>