Help a British 'mature' student: Would I get into college?

<p>I'm a British 19 year old guy who is studying independently with the help of a government funded tutor whilst recovering from a long running illness which forced me to leave school five years ago. I have a while to go before I am in any position to apply for university but I need to know, do I have any chance of gaining entry to a US college (with financial aid, we are a poor family)? Specifically somewhere like St Olaf?</p>

<p>I have five GCSES in English Language, English Literature, Science, Maths and French (grades AAABB). I will have A Levels in History, Geography and Biology and an AS Level in French (grades AAAB).</p>

<p>My major concern is my total lack of ECs, on account of being ill these past five years. I have very little chance of acquiring any now that I've left school. However I am saving up for a gap year studying Norwegian in Norway.</p>

<p>Posting this in two forums as I have no idea where it belongs.</p>

<p>Have you taken the SATs?</p>

<p>No, I'm unsure of exactly what they are or when I need to take them. I won't be applying for two years so presumably it's too early to take them anyway. But let us assume I got a reasonable score, would my age and total lack of ECs hold me back?</p>

<p>Age is never a reason to hold someone back. People go to school when they are 30 to get that degree they wished they had gotten. As for everything else, no idea about anything internationally related.</p>