help a buddy.. future chance?

<p>if my friend has a 3.8 UW with all these tough classes. two varsity sports, NHS everything...
anyway, what do you think he needs to have SAT wise?
He'd apply regular. ohh and he's latino, from Oregon, he speaks three languages fluently, he's class president, i dunno. let me know thanks!</p>

<p>a 2100+ would put him in the good range. a 2200+ would put him in the great range.</p>

<p>2400 = ehhh.</p>

<p>Why did you say "a friend" instead of yourself here, but not on your other Chance threads?</p>

<p>Anyway, as another poster said, you should have a minimum 2100 before you feel safe (I say this because Hispanic URMs with 1900-2000 range scores with similar ECs to yours were rejected this year), but your URM status helps you greatly. You have a chance, but you're not a guranteed in, and that's all anyone can really say. Try to find a focus for your ECs related to the school you're applying to; Cornell is very major/fit oriented - Example: If you applied to CALS for biology with no biology/science related ECs, you probably wouldn't get in. So be sure to "fit" your application to the school you apply to.</p>

<p>cuz it's my buddy... it's not me.but thanks for he comments</p>

<p>...But what you told us is exactly what's on your Chances threads. </p>


<p>He's IN with those stats because he's latino/hispanic which makes it a definite possibility of admission with great stats like that.</p>

<p>70% of acceptance</p>