Help a damsel in distress...2250 or retake

<p>So yeah.
4th time taking it and I got a 2250 supserscored. I sincerely believe that I can get at least a 2300 (possibly a 2330) if I took it again for the 5th time. Thoughts/advice?</p>

<p>I haven't taken an official SAT once so keep that in mind but, I think you should do it. Colleges think a 2300+ is better than a 2250 and if you think can can get that 2300+, there's no reason not to take. Just my $0.02</p>

<p>When colleges see that you've taken it five times, they might think you are slightly neurotic about test scores and fail to see admissions in a big picture. In other words, they might view you as someone who is obsessed with test scores and not about your community or leadership. Also, you scores are not likely to improve after 4 times already.</p>

<p>Statistically there's not that much difference between a 2250 and a 2300 (although there is that psychological threshold). You should know that a lot of schools look mostly at the English/Math section and only glance at the Writing so if the English/Math are exemplary you may just be wasting money taking it again. Instead, you could take that money and try taking the ACT and see what happens with that. Most schools also take the ACT test these days and who knows. You just might surprise yourself.</p>

<p>You kinda screwed up already.</p>

<p>3 times MAX. 4 times (like said before) you look like a crazy person who can't improve after your FOURTH TRY.</p>

<p>I thought they only see the ones you send them...cant you pick the one(s) to send?</p>

<p>some colleges want all of your scores, some let you choose which to report</p>

<p>Why are people making such a big deal out of this?
In the grand scheme of things, by taking the SAT another time, you're just spending four hours on a saturday morning in a local test center.
I don't see any justice in deeming someone who wants to make the best of their chances as "screwing up" and being "neurotic" or "obsessive about test scores."</p>

<p>Back on topic: If you so do sincerely believe that you can increase your score, then by all means go for it.</p>

<p>^ He means: Go for it, but be aware of applying to too many colleges which require to send in all your scores.</p>

<p>I hope that is what he means at least.</p>

<p>If you feel like you can get that 2300+, go for it.</p>

<p>Just so you know, anyone who says taking the SAT's more than 3 times is dreadful for college admissions are not necessarily correct. Check out this thread.</p>

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<p>The thing is I didn't know it was bad and I just took it a bunch of times foolishly in my soph year. I only took it once in junior and went up a lot. And my PSAT was 231 so I think I can hopefully match it.</p>

<p>2250 is good, what colleges are you interested in b/c 50 pts is not a huge deal especially at regular colleges and universities. It is up to you, if you can improve by all means take it again, but if you are gonna keep doing it, dont waste your saturday mornings, get some sleep and enjoy your dreams.</p>

<p>I say yes.</p>

<p>Take it again.</p>

<p>The top colleges are so competitive that every little bit helps.</p>

<p>My son got:</p>

<p>800 CR
800 writing
700 math</p>

<p>he did zero studying</p>

<p>with studying, I think he could raise his math score a bit.</p>

<p>He won't take it again.</p>

<p>I think that is the wrong decision.</p>

<p>Saying something is "good enough" is not the way to excel in life.</p>

<p>Tiger Woods did not say a 68 was "good enough"
He tried for a 67.</p>

<p>Don't do it... You'll be fine with that score. However, the number of times you have <em>already</em> taken it will be a problem. It may strike some admissions officers the wrong way.</p>



<p>Nope. Don't take it. Four is likely too much in fact. It will divert attention from more important stuff like essays and such. Scores really don't matter much these days besides telling you that you are a somewhat smart person.</p>

<p>Actually there is an significant increase in chances of getting accepted into top tier colleges as your score nears 2400, regardless of how many times you take it. So yeah...If you feel like you can improve, take it. </p>

<p>Maybe you should start tallying these answers...</p>

When colleges see that you've taken it five times, they might think you are slightly neurotic about test scores and fail to see admissions in a big picture.


<p>It could also mean that your PARENTS are neurotic about test scores and FORCED you to take the test five times. Colleges have no way of knowing <em>why</em> you took the test so many times, and it would be imprudent on their part to draw such wild conclusions about your character. (That's what teacher and counselor recommendations are for.)</p>

<p>Go ahead and take the test again. You really have everything to gain and nothing to lose.</p>

<p>Back when I was in high school, I retook my 2250 and ended up with a 2370. I'm CERTAIN that without that SAT score, I would not have received as many scholarship offers as I did. And I might not have gotten into some of the schools that I did.</p>

<p>^ i agree with buffalo. They have no idea WHY you took it so many times. Maybe you were sick one day, maybe you have tiger parents. Go for it :D</p>