Help a sista out!

<p>Will I be able to get into my colleges? What are my chances? Any help is appreciated!</p>

<p>Here are my stats:</p>

<p>GPA: 4.5 weighted (not sure about unweighted--pretty close to a 4.0)
Rank: my school does not rank. They only give us deciles. I’m in the top 10% of my class (~300 kids)
SAT: 1310 (I took them twice. I’m a horrible test taker. I got a private tutor and went up like 20 points. I’m done with standardized tests, haha.)
SATII: bio – 680, chem – 680, math IC (I took it twice and got the same score) – 680, writing – 700, physics –710
ACT: 32:)
Junior year
AP Physics B
AP Government
AP Macroeconomics
AP English language
Honors math (could not take AP math)
Honors French</p>

<p>Senior year
AP Calculus
AP Statistics
AP Physics C
AP Environmental
AP Literature
AP French
**I only have received 3 B+'s my entire high school career (honors English in 9th and 10th grades and AP language in 11th.)</p>

<p>AP Scores: Physics B – 5, macroeconomics – 5, US government and politics – 4, English language and composition – 3.
I am pretty confident that I will get a 5 on physics C, environmental, calc, and stats.</p>

<p>Extra curricular activities:</p>

<p>Math Team<br>
National Honor Society<br>
French Club
“Project Adventure Leaders” Program<br>
Tae Kwon Do Karate - Training for 2nd degree black belt, assistant instructor for children’s classes (non-paid), competition/demo team<br>
Honorary technical internship at an engineering firm
French National Honor Society
“SHARING” / Catholic Youth Group<br>
“SHIP” / Samaritan Homeless Interim Program<br>
Random Community Service (Church World Service “Crop Walk”, Spring clean-up, Christmas tree/wreath distribution, Math/physics tutor)
Red Cross (help with blood drives)<br>
Girl Scouts<br>
P/T Pet sitter for families in community
P/T during school year, full time during summers- work at parents business (laboratory)</p>

<p>Recommendations: 3 solid ones
Essays: they are going to be good:)</p>

<p>I’m a white girl who wants to go into engineering….
What do you think are my chances are at these schools? (I know William and Mary and Georgetown do not have engineering)</p>

Washington University (St. Louis)
William and Mary
University of Virginia
George Washington

<p>My best estimates...</p>

<p>Princeton - 65%
Brown - 80%
Washington University (St. Louis) - 90%
William and Mary - 90%
Georgetown - 90%
University of Virginia - 99%
Vanderbilt - 90%
George Washington - 99%
Northwestern - Not sure about this one</p>

<p>You're looking pretty good... I didn't want to say 100% for anything because nothing in life is for certain. :/ Best of luck.</p>

<p>Oh, wow! Thank you so much, you made my hectic day that much brighter:)
So should I apply to more ivies? I don't even know if I am going to apply to princeton. It's close to home, only an hour away... hmm... decisions, decisions:)</p>

<p>Your SAT is low for a lot of the schools (Princeton, Brown, Washington University, Georgetown, Northwestern and maybe William and Mary). However, your ACT makes up for it so I probably wouldn't even send SAT to some of those schools. I think some of the estimates asdf gave you were generous. (Equal chance at Vanderbilt and Washington University??) Also, UVA wouldn't be 99%, especially if you are out-of-state. If you are out-of-state, I'd say about 20%-30%. Sorry to disappoint you, just don't feel discouraged. Good luck!</p>

<p>Isnt UVA a 2nd tier school? Yeah, I live out-of-state. You didn't "let me down" haha. I know that nothing is 100% sure and it's a crapshoot. I just hope that being a girl going into engineering will help me:). </p>

<p>Oh, I just sent out my SAT scores to all my schools. I don't care, they can take the best one. I wanted them to see that I took alot of SATIIs... I'm sooo sick of college apps! ahhh.</p>

<p>Does it help that I got a letter of reccomendation from my supervisor at the engineering firm I interned at this summer?</p>

<p>Oh yeah, that will help alot. Being a girl will also help alot you still got a pretty decent shot at the reach schools. good luck!</p>

<p>65% at Princeton is soooo overrated. I think its more around 20%, which is good considering their acceptance rate is around 9%-10%. </p>

<p>I don't understand how you did so poorly on the bio and chem SAT IIs, did you study? It's pretty late, but i'd consider retaking them. I like to say that SAT scores don't really count, but them being so low reflects poorly on the quality of education at your school. I mean a 4.5 is a bit high for just above-average SAT scores (i mean applying to elite schools).</p>

<p>Our weighted gpa is strange because honors classes are weighted lower than AP classes... if that makes sense!(I think the highest gpa in my class is a 4.7, so that gives you some comparison). My highschool is super competitive and everyone in the first decile applies to the ivies. </p>

<p>You think 680 is poor? hmm. I always thought they were fairly good scores, for me atleast. I'm a horrible test taker, oh well.</p>

<p>UVA out-of-state is a huge reach. Seriously. And LOL...a second tier school. Good one.</p>

<p>Yeah, what are you talking about Althalius? "I don't understand how you did so poorly on the bio and chem SAT IIs, did you study?" I 680 is not a terrible a score at all, it's a pretty good score.</p>

<p>Well..perhaps 65% Princeton was a little generous, however I'm staying with my 90% for Vanderbilt and Washington U in St. Louis. They are both similar in terms of stats and acceptance rates. You have a competitive ACT score, GPA, class rank, impressive EC, rigorous schedule, and you're also a girl. Don't let your SAT's phase you out because the rest of your stats are stellar. You have a great chance at all of those schools. Good luck.</p>

<p>680 is a respectable score, "above-average", but it is not exactly a jewel in the eye of that admissions officer from Princeton. Her extracurrics and transcript place every other school within "match" but Princeton is pretty tough and I'd say a "reach" for you, and for me, and for anyone in general. AsdfTT123 is right, SATs matter very little. The rest of your application is stellar. Good luck. </p>

<p>FYI a 680 translates into approximately 22 wrong or around 27 blank out of 89 questions, roughly a third wrong. I'm just being pragmatic.</p>

<p>Oh, I havent even applied to Princeton, yet. It's really just an after thought. (I'd have to ask teachers to send another recommendation out, etc.). I live in Jersey, and it'd be nice to be close to home.<br>
Once again, thank you all for you kind suggestions:)<br>
Should I add any other reach schools on there? (since a bulk of the schools seem pretty match-y for me)</p>

<p>uva IS the best school in virginia =) waahooooo!</p>

<p>i heard UVA is super hard that you cant even ask for help on programming homework cause then they put it through the machine they will be able to find out if you "copied" or not.</p>

<p>Good thing I'm not doing programming!:)</p>

<p>Okay.. I changed my mind. No Princeton... but I want to apply to Yale (I'm going to visit next weekend). What do you guys think? This is totally last minute, WHOOPS. haha.</p>