Help a transfer student in need, PLEASE, Can I get into a Claremont College?

<p>Hi everyone, I've read tons and tons of posts on this forum over the past few years, but this is my first time posting, so please bear with me, and thanks in advance.</p>

<p>Anyway, let me describe my situation to you guys. To make a long story short I had a terrible time in high school because I never felt like I found a place where I fit in (I think this is mostly because I'm gay, but couldn't come to terms with it back in HS.) I had horrible grades all throughout high school, and when I took the 3 part SAT, scored a measly 1600, probably because I didn't study for the SAT, or for any test I took in high school for that matter.</p>

<p>So after graduating in 2009, I enrolled in my Community College with kind of a "this is it" attitude, and really put in the effort. I got a 3.85 GPA my first semester. For my second semester I successfully transferred to Suffolk University in Madrid, and got a 3.35.(Always wanted to go to Spain, but I was afraid I wouldn't have the time to study abroad as a transfer.) I could have stayed at Suffolk (through their 2 years in Spain and 2 years in Boston program), but the school is too expensive, and I made the decision that it wasn't worth it to take on a big debt load for such a mediocre school (I mean hey, they accepted me with my lousy HS grades after all.) So I went back to my Community College for the semester that just past, and earned a 3.85.</p>

<p>Now it's time for me to pick a four year college, but I'm not sure which ones I should realistically be applying to. 2 semester of 3.85, and 1 of a 3.35 = an average GPA of 3.68.
I will be applying to UCONN, and I'm pretty sure I'll get in. I live only about 15 minutes from UCONN so I can live at home and save money (on top of bargain state tuition).</p>

<p>Other than UCONN, I've become extremely interested in the Claremont colleges in CA. I want to major in economics, so I think Claremont McKenna College would be my first pick if money were no object, but I read that Pomona covers 100% of financial need through grants (past your EFC). But, I know these are both two EXTREMELY difficult schools to get into, while Pitzer College is still part of the consortium and a little easier to get into. Also I know Pitzer has a lot less money to give out, and even if accepted, I probably wouldn't go if it would require me to take out more that 50K in loans (parents will contribute 10K a year.) I'm wondering if anyone out there is familiar with the Claremont Colleges, and can kind of give me a realistic idea of my chances on getting into any of the three I just listed. Also, it would be wonderful if any of you had an insight on how much aid I might expect to get from any of the three I just mentioned.</p>

<p>Sorry, I know this post is lengthy and some of my questions are very broad but I'm just trying to gain some insight and advice because I feel like I'm in the dark. I will be the first of a few generations to get a bachelors degree, so I don't have parents who know the ins and outs of college rankings and admissions, and I really just need some advice before I waste time and money submitting applications to schools that I have a 0% chance at getting into.</p>


<p>Unfortunately, I can’t give you the advice that I gave my daughter: apply to Scripps because it has a much higher acceptance rate. The other schools are a lot harder to get into.</p>

<p>To make what could have been a long answer short, no chance at CMC or Pomona. Unlikely at Pitzer.</p>

<p>The Spain thing might set you apart, but the stats a very, very low for a top 20 LAC. Apply anyway – it only costs $70 plus about four hours of your time.</p>

<p>Thanks guys, you are all confirming what I think I already knew anyway. I do think that I have a shot at Pitzer, especially considering that they don’t require transfers to submit SAT or high school transcripts (although I know that most colleges that do require transfers to submit high school data, don’t take this in consideration very much after you have more than a year of college under your belt.)</p>

<p>Just out of curiosity, what would have made me a good candidate for Pomona, would it have taken a 4.0 at a Community College?</p>

<p>Also, can anyone recommend a school to me that I might be overlooking, similar to Claremont colleges, but a bit easier to get into?</p>

<p>Oh, and megdog, hahah, that’s funny, yeah I think I were a girl, Scripps would be great option! Out of curiosity, did she get in? If she did, how does she like Claremont?</p>

<p>Josh - Pitzer is not as concerned about scores and grades. They are looking for a type of kid. What they want are the idealistic change the world types. They do not want to be a “if I dont get into any other 5C school” school.</p>

<p>She just applied, so I don’t know. Good luck to you. The Claremont colleges do sound wonderful!</p>

<p>They are wonderful. I graduated from CMC over 30 years ago and took classes at all five. They were each great in different ways, and the sum is greater than the parts.</p>

<p>Thanks again everyone, I’m pretty sure I’ll be applying to Pitzer, but I agree, don’t think I stand a chance at Pomona or CMC.
Also @anotherparent, while I admittedly found out about about Pitzer while researching Pomona, I still would want to apply to Pitzer had it not been part of the consortium. I really like the things that I’ve been reading about Pitzer and I just love the location, it seems like it’s close by to everything I love, the city, the beach, and the mountains for skiing. & To be honest, I am a change the world type of person, I participated in relay for life 3 times, volunteered my time at a camp for people with special needs (although this was community service for my HS senior project, I chose this work because my sister has Autism) , was very involved involved in a fund raiser my school put on to raise money to build a school in Africa, participated in Best Buddies in HS, and while I was in Spain I was on student council. </p>

<p>& @megdog- Good luck to your daughter too :)</p>

<p>The big issue with transferring to highly selective liberal arts colleges is just raw numbers of available slots. Most have high Frosh retention, so they have few spots available for transfers. Some years Pomona accepts zero transfers. Last year, CMC received 295 transfer apps and accepted 33. Pitzer had 171 transfer apps, accepting 16. Of those, 45 apps were from males, and 7 were accepted. Of the 126 female apps to P, 9 were accepted. Thus, if Josh in your sn means xy chromosomes…</p>

<p>Just to be clear, the ladies at Scripps are no slouches either!</p>

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<p>Josh - Pitzer does not guarantee housing for transfers. They are building new dorms to address this issue. You might want to check on this. You do sound like the type of student that Pitzer likes. Make she they see that in your application! Good luck.</p>