help a troubled senior please.

<p>ok so i know this is long so i greatly appreciate your time....
sat 2: literature-530
sat super score-1580-math-550-critical reading-510-writing-520
after junior year cumulative weighted gpa-3.4495-----i have no clue what it is unweighted
so anyways my grades have slipped due to my three year long battle with depression and an eating disorder.-----which would explain my 11.5 absences junior year and my 10.5 absences sophomore year---many doctors appointments
freshmen year
Algebra I-C+
Spanish I-B+
Health-(a pass or fail class-no grade)
I spent my freshmen year at a boarding school and had to come home when my year was up b/c of the ed.
sophomore year-i moved with my mom to a new town but had to return home to live with my dad who helped me recover
sophomore year
Honors English-B
Honors Government-B
A.P. Euro-A
Latin I-A
World Cultures-A
cumulative gpa-3.25 or 3.3 unweighted 3.8 or 3.9 weighted
Junior year-my anorexia went away but bulimia came..
Algebra II-C
Latin II-A
AP Psych-B
AP Lang-C
Personal Resource Management-A
cumulative weighted-3.4 unweighted 2.8 or 2.9
total course gpa---3.4459 weighted</p>

<p>Completed junior year.
Penn State Berks Campus: Taking Political Science course during summer 2011-dual enrollment
Seasonal Acting Classes: took acting class at local acting school, Socapa (School of Cinema and Performing Arts), and the New York Film Academy</p>

Writer for a teen section of local newspaper-(and possibly an internship there in the fall)
October 2010- Present
Covered a variety of topics. Interviewed subjects. Frequently write articles. </p>

<p>Volunteer at local Public Library
September 2009-Present
Participate in various projects through the Teen Advisory Board</p>

<p>Volunteer Projects
Have run in 2 charity 5k races
Read to children at a church for a total of 30 hours
Participated in Maple Sugaring project for 10 hours, 2009</p>

<p>Honors/ Awards:
• Have been on the honor roll every sesmester in high school
• Part of History Bowl team that went to Nationals
• Took the national Latin exam and did well
• Presidential Physical Fitness Award, freshman year- Present</p>

<p>School Organizations:</p>

<p>• History Bowl, sophomore- Present
• Drama Club, sophomore- Present
• Library Club (Treasurer), sophomore- Present
• Cooking Club, sophomore year
• Cinema Club, sophomore- Present
• Teen Advisory Board at Public Library, sophomore- Present
• tv club at school that runs morning announcements, junior year- Present
• Latin Club, junior year- Present
• Prom planning committee, junior year
• Figure Skating, since 2005
photography in freetime</p>

<p>I also might be getting a job at the local grocery store</p>

<p>excellent college recommendations
I'm interested in a double major for psychology and journalism and or photography and or communications.
can you please suggest some colleges for me to apply to
and/or should i transfer to a private school andd repeat junior year?
and should i write about my ed in my college aps?</p>

<p>senior course load
Anatomy and physiology
ap economics-macro and micro together
ap government
latin III
multimedia III
honors english
strength and conditioning</p>

<p>Where do you plan to go?
Anyways if you have another chance to retake the SAT I would suggest doing so, because I think 1600 is the Average SAT score.
Also, if you can't retake another SAT, try the ACT. And remember, STUDY HARD. I'm sure you'll get atleast 27+ on ACT which will correlate to about a 1800.</p>

<p>i was asking for suggestions based on my stats...i want to major in psychology and journalism
but i was thinking hofstra, and the ucs or some of the california state schools or a pennsylvania resident</p>

<p>i took the act in june with no practice and i didnt get my score yet...not sure it was good because i never prepared for it...the science didnt go well but thats all i know</p>

<p>work really hard to get your SAT's up. you can probably get into Penn State or a Branch campus. With your scores right now, you can get into a branch campus, and then transfer to main, which is a really good school!.</p>

<p>above i said i was looking at hofstra, rit, and the university of california's like riverside or santa barbara and california state school system like la or san francisco. i have a cchance if i apply to these schools?
i preferably want to be in nyc or la or boston.</p>

<p>maybe pace university?</p>

<p>devry university</p>

<p>should be fine for Hofstra</p>

<p>thanks but how about like uc riverside or uc santa cruz or uc santa barbara or cal state la or cal state pomona-----how good are my chances from applying from pennsylvania?</p>

<p>You won't get in to Santa Barbara or Santa Cruz and you're not guaranteed at Riverside, but you probably have a decent shot there. You're about right for most of the CSU's, they're all very easy to get in to. Most selective is SDSU, you're probably a slight reach for that as well as Long Beach, but other than those, the rest of the Cal state campuses are good matches for you.</p>