Help! About the School Form

<p>I'm applying for colleges on Common Application. I noticed that there is a school form needed to be filled out and I've sent invitations to my teachers but I'm not sure whether they have reply to the invitations. Does anyone know the deadline of the school form? Is it generally the same as the deadline of application?</p>

<p>Yes. Same deadline as the application.
However, if you gave your teachers and counselor enough time (from what you say, it doesn't look like you did), and it's their fault they are late, some colleges will accept an email from them explaining why they are late. They will then have to send the recommendation in by mail.
Did you honestly just invite your teachers and counselor to write recommendations for you? If so, I'm hoping you also met with them in person. Otherwise, they will have no way of knowing that they need to write a recommendation for you.</p>