Help Adding New Fish to Case Study

<p>I have been unable to add an image representing a new subclass of Fish to the MBSGUI. I can only add randomly colored dots. I know that there is an altmbsgui, but I am trying to add an image to represent an object of a Fish subclass, so my teacher would want me to use the regular MBSGUI. Any thoughts? Thanks.</p>


<p>Hang on, I'm going to go look that up!</p>

<p>O.K., in the MBSGUI file, there is an array of fish names ("Slowfish", "BlinkyFish", etc.)... in order to get your subclass of fishes to show up, I think you need to add the name of the class to this array and it should show up.</p>

<p>However, I think there's also something else you need to do, so hang on another moment...</p>

<p>Well, for next year it won't matter, there's gonna be a new case study and I hear it's easier so whatever...I'm a loyal MBSer!</p>