HELP! Admission without GRE and TOEFL

<p>I am an international student from Nigeria. I did my B.Sc degree in Biochemistry and I have GPA of 3.68 on 5.0 scale in my B.Sc. I do not have GRE and TOEFL. Therefore, I need list of affordable state colleges that admit without the GRE and TOEFL for any biochemistry related fields.</p>

<p>Thanks in anticipation of your reply.</p>

<p>Why is the TOEFL a problem? You are obviously fluent. A lot of Canadian schools only require the TOEFL. It is very hard for Nigerians to get a visa in America anyway, even a student visa. That is another issue if you haven’t already solved it.</p>

<p>Thanks thespartan, yeah I’m fluent in speaking and write English but I don’t know why English Language shouldn’t be exempted for Nigerians straight away. Any more help as per lists of state college in the US admitting without GRE will be highly appreciated.</p>

<p>University of Arizona does not require GRE for international students. What field are you in?</p>

<p>I bet you are exempt from taking it, I’m sure I am, I mean I’m an American they aren’t going to make me take that test for school in Canada. The GRE is another issue, there are definitely programs you can get into without the GRE. Hundreds even. However not taking the GRE will eliminate your choices by about 75%. Biochemistry is a very math focused, difficult degree, you may find that almost all programs in that field require the GRE. I’m sure you could find some way to take it, you might just have to go through some red tape.</p>

<p>The TOEFL is not required if English is your native language. You would be exempt.</p>

<p>As others have said, it is rare that you don’t have to take the general GRE (the subject tests are a different matter) for admission into a field like biochemistry. Why don’t you want to take the GRE? Is it because you can’t get access to a test site? Have you taken it and not done well?</p>

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<p>You need to make an appointment with the counselors at the advising center of EducationUSA that is closest to you. There are two in Nigeria [EducationUSA</a> - Find an Advising Center](<a href=“]EducationUSA”> These counselors should be able to help you find the information that you need. If you can’t visit in person, contact them by email or telephone.</p>

<p>Good luck!</p>


<p>Thanks for your advise. Its true that many schools I wrote required GRE as their number one criteria for admissibility but I know there will be some out there that won’t require it. That’s why I asked the question here. We have uncountable numbers of internet based exams centers here. The reasons why I didn’t take the test is that I have no materials for the GRE and the time frame for the test and applying for fall semester is short.</p>

<p>Well, since getting college admission for biochemistry related field without GRE seems impossible, I will like someone to tell me where I can get the GRE materials downloaded.</p>


<p>You can ask about GRE prep here: [GRE</a> Prep - College Confidential](<a href=“]GRE”></p>

<p>The GRE is essentially a harder version of the SAT. If you can get some SAT review materials, that will help you a lot.</p>