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<p>Hi, im an asian american, i have a 1180 for my sat score and im in the top ten percentile in my class that is close to 600 u think i have a chance at getting in or should i retake the sat??</p>

<p>Thnx in advance
-10th: all honor courses
-11th: all honor and 2 AP courses
-12th: 3 AP courses</p>

<p>Who's Who of High School Students in America
-i've done lab research at upenn and im getting a recommendation from my mentor who works there, do u think that will increase my chance of getting in?</p>

<p>um pretty sure u should retake that SAT buddy</p>

<p>uhhh retake that sat</p>

<p>Your research and rec thing will help, but honestly you don't much of a shot with those sat scores. Anytime an admissions committee sees great grades but low sats they have no choice but to be skeptical.</p>

<p>are you from Central?</p>