Help: Can I get accepted?

Hello, I want to go to George Mason and I’m a junior. I live in VA.
I have a few worries if ill gets accepted or not, here are a few things about me.
1250+SAT(haven’t taken it again but I’m pretty sure ill get this, the first time was 1130)
A book in the making
About to make an app for the community
I’ll prolly take the math subject test and get a 700+
Debate award
president and ambassador of the Student Equity Commitee
Im also bout to make 2 clubs.
I do have an explanation for the low GPA(depression and suicidalness and just started to get better)

So if anyone can help with these worries that would be greatly appreciated.

I’d work on your spelling and you should be alright with those stats.

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I got in with a 3.47 and a 1370, although my essays were really good and I had significant improvement my junior year (from B’s and C’s to straight A’s in all IB). Good luck!

Thank you. Do you think that they’ll be considerate if I changed my grades to majority B’s and C’s to all A’s? (1st semester to 2nd semester)
Thank you.

I was in a rush, but thank you none the less.

Maybe, but to be safe I would contact the Office of Admissions to see if they would look at that.

Hello, I have another question.
What does george mason look in a student. Like do they look at unweighted/weighted gpa, competitions, etc.

I honestly do not know, ask your counselor they should know.

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With those stats I’d be shocked if you didn’t get in but I would apply EA and ensure you’re writing impactful essays for common app and mason that stress your interest and passion for whatever you’re applying for.

My gpa is 3.22.
Apparently, I was looking at my weighted gpa and now I’m scared.

Even with that you still have a good shot if your essays are good and the ECs demonstrate a passion for the major you’re applying to. I wouldn’t ride on your SAT of “1250” because you really don’t know how well you’ll do, practice tests are a much more controlled environment and you’re likely to be stressed when taking the actual SAT. Same with the subject test.

Im creating a club called programming club, I’m in tsa and in cyber security club(tech related)