Help can I get into this school?

Hello everyone I am currently enrolled at my local high school in Boca Raton Fl I am a sophomore at the moment and have some questions. First off I’ll give you guys my basic grades for freshman year and my first sophomore quarter : Freshman -
Algebra 1 / B+
Biology / B
Literature and reading / A
World history / B
(Mistake)(requires course) P.E / F
Spanish 2 / B

Sophomore year (first quarter)
AICE Travel and tourism / A
AICE Media Studies / B
AICE International history / B
AICE General Paper / C
Geometry / C
Spanish 3H / C

My question is if with these grades so far and if they stay like this, without Cs can I get into Wentworth institute of technology? Comfortably with decent to high SAT and ACT scores? Thanks

Wentworth is NOT that tough to get into.

Your classes do not look right for a person who wants to attend an Institute of Tech school. I guess I would have expected much more Math during your first two years with some science also. Do I read it right that after three semesters of college you only have taken Algebra I? My son considered going STEM. He was in AP Calc in HS and expected to begin with Calc II in college. You might be a bit behind in foundational STEM classes. JMHO.