Help! Can i make it in?

<p>sat 1770 M&CR 1160 (definitely not what i was hoping for :( )
act composite: 27 reading and writing 29, science 25, and math 24
4.0 GPA i was only .5 away from top ten percent UGHHHH
nearly 100 hours of community service
honors math club 2 yrs
soccer 4yrs
star student award
presidential scholarship
3rd place science fair sophomore year
rec soccer
YMCA clean environment team
summer college class at my local community college
many AP classes : 51 hours of credit achieved (im only 4 classes from my associates degree)
passed the World History AP Exam my freshman year
Honor roll all 4 years</p>

<p>im an excellent writer so my essays will be well written and creative
i have contacted the admission center and the lady said my ACT would make me a competitive candidate
i have also toured the campus
i am in state
i go to a competitive private high school</p>

<p>I WANT TO GO TO A&M College station soooooo bad</p>

<p>What schools?</p>

<p>hahaha oh my goodness sorry. a&m! :)</p>

<p>I think you have a good shot right now, your ACT is within their ranges and you've got a 4.0 GPA, you're instate, and you say you can write good essays, i wouldn't worry about your chances.</p>

<p>ya i hope. i just feel like my SAT score drags me down. I probably will only send in my ACT score.</p>