HELP: Cannot login into my UCSB admissions account and GOLD account.

<p>Everything has been working fine before. Today, however, I tried to log into my UCSB admissions account and I got a ''WAIT timeout'' error. When I tried logging into my GOLD account, it said that ''student schedule could not be retrieved from broker'' or something to that effect. My U-mail account is still accessible, with no problems. I'm not entirely sure if this is an error in their systems, unscheduled maintenance or worse; could they have rescinded me without informing me? It is Sunday and I cannot contact the university, so if anyone knows, please share some info. Urgent.</p>

<p>15 views and no comment? Great...that really makes me feel reassured.</p>

<p>call the admissions office</p>

<p>...or just clear your browser cache :)</p>

<p>try changing your password</p>