HELP chance an insecure stem kid for harvard! pls


Demographics: Asian male, competitive high school

Intended Major: Undecided

SAT: 1500 (800 Math, 700 Reading).

UW/W GPA: 4.0/4.83

Rank: 2nd

Coursework: Took all 7 APs (six 5s, one 2 oops haha screw ap gov amirite) that my school offers + 1 self-study. Currently dual enrolled in 3 local college courses.


  • Research Science Institute (RSI) 2020
  • ISEF Grand Award + 2 special awards
  • JSHS National Finalist
  • 1st place in state STEM competition (3x)
  • AIME Qualifier (5x)


  • RSI 2020
  • Varsity sports all four years, MVP + cocaptain this season
  • President of 3 STEM clubs at school (math, scibowl, robotics)
  • Research intern at local prestigious institution for 3 years
  • Published research w/ high impact factor (2019)
  • Invited speaker to national research conference (among PhD students)
  • 400 service hours through Key Club, NHS, local food bank

Overall, I think I could have done more in high school. If I could redo the past 4 years, I’d probably try to have more well-rounded/stronger ECs. sad


  • Research mentor (for the past 3 years) - 10/10: she knows me really well and showed me her rec after submitting it to Harvard
  • AP Calc BC teacher - 9/10: I never really had to pay attention in his class bc I already knew all the material (and he knew this too), but he’s also the advisor for math team and scibowl (which I run)
  • English 11 Honors teacher - 7/10: I’m not really good at English but I’m pretty sure she liked me. A lot of dumb kids were in the class bc my school doesn’t offer AP English classes, so I stood out.
  • Essays - 5.6/10: like I said I’m really bad at writing but I got my summer camp friends to read them and they said they were alright.


  • Harvard REA (match)
  • Dartmouth (low match)
  • Berkeley (safety)
  • Maybe some other schools like Princeton and Stanford if I don’t get in Harvard.

I know like my profile seems strong but I’m really insecure about myself and I am pretty bad at writing. Also I don’t really know what I want to do (undecided) so idk if colleges will hold that against me.

You definitely have a strong chance! Your extracurriculars are very strong and will definitely help you a lot. The only thing that might hurt you is your essay strength.

I think it’s impossible to chance anyone, no matter how impressive, for a school like Harvard given the low acceptance rate.

What do you mean by low-match for Dartmouth?

Your resume is very impressive and I think you have a strong chance of being admitted to a great school. Be sure to add some matches and safeties to your list. Best of luck to you.

You seem like a great candidate. All of the Ivy’s (Dartmouth too) will be a reach for everyone. Apply to more schools (UPenn, UChicago, Duke, etc…). You already have two strikes against you. 1. You are Asian. 2. You are an Asian applying to a STEM field (I presume). Your published research will hopefully help you. Those schools love that stuff. If you were my son, I would be crazy proud of you.

You are likely to get into Berkeley, but that shouldn’t be a “safety” school. Reach down for another one or two real “safety” schools just in case.

Good luck!

Damn you got a pretty related profile as mine. Did you submit your paper to additional portfolio?

No matter how accomplished, everyone needs a true safety. Berkeley is not a safety!


Very qualified candidate! Impressive achievements that should get you noticed. Understand that wherever you go, you have a solid track record for success.


Did you submit that AP score of 2?
What is the highest level of math you’ve taken?
What area of the US do you live in?
Could you please let us know what those other 5 AP courses were? (I’m aware of the AP Calc BC and the AP Gov from what you posted.)
Did you have anyone look over your essays before you submitted them?

Rickoids from 2020 here, I’m trying to guess who you are lol
I’d say that your academic achievements are extraordinarily outstanding! Also the LoRs and activities have a lot to dig from. You’ll be good if you did show critical thinking and potential to proceed further in Academics/Social Awareness - there’s quite many options to show yourself and I think you have a great chance!
Relax, and maybe come to The Lounge^TM^ :wink:

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How is everyone falling for this obviously fake post? lol

This might be the first “chance me” where Harvard is a match.

Please don’t needlessly bump ancient threads. And for future reference, flag a post if you think it’s fake instead of engaging. Closing.