Help chance me?

<p>I am extremely passionate about attending UT in Austin, however I am a little bit worried as it is now February and I have yet to hear back. My stats are....</p>

<p>-1860 on SAT (Critical Reading: 650 | Math: 600 | Writing: 610 )
-Class Rank: 87/556 (Making me in the top 15.6%, or as they are most likely to take it, top 16%)
-GPA of 4.906 on a 5.0 weighted scale (I have no clue what this is on other scales...)
-AP Scholar with Distinction (All AP or Pre-AP classes when possible.)</p>

<p>I did have a rather dramatic drop in my grades the second semester of my junior year as my mother was diagnosed with a life threatening illness that started to take a toll on my family's stability and my school work at the time. I tried to convey this in my essays as best I could, as well as the fact that I have dreamed of attending here for years and years. I submitted my app on 11/26/11, and I have received no word. After obsessively checking the MyStatus thing for the past two months, I wanted some more opinions. Thank you so much for any time and help you may be so gracious to give!</p>

<p>You have nothing to worry about....The majority of admission decisions will be posted by late February as it is indicated in UT Austin website. Are you in-state? What is your intended major?</p>

<p>I am an in-state resident and wish to major in Biology.</p>