Help! Chance Please. will chance back


<p>I'm an Asian female Ontario (Canadian) students in a competitive enhanced + International Baccalaureate School</p>


<p>Sat: 2150 (750 math/700 CR/700W)</p>

<p>Sat Math II: 750 Biology: 720</p>

<p>GPA: 90~ accumulative average</p>

<p>IB Scores:
SL Math (7)
SL Biology (6)
SL French 6
HL Chemistry 6 (Guessing)
HL Economics 6 (Guessing)
HL English 5 (guessing)
TOTAL (38/40)</p>

Competitive Cheerleading (1 year)
Competitive Swimming (4 years): on junior team that came top in Ontario
Dance (3 years): acrobatics, jazz</p>

<p>Extra Curricular:</p>

<p>Piano (10+ years)
- Associate of Royal Conservatory of Music (recognized across North America)
- won several local festivals (5+ years)
- finalist at provincial festival (3 years)</p>

<p>Peer Helpers (2 years: Secretary, VP)
DECA Business Competition (2 years) - top ten in regionals, top ten provincials
Swimming (10+ years) - Bronze Cross
School Newspaper (1 year: copy editor)
Student Activity Council (4 years: general member)
3 different leadership conferences: 1 year Leadership Developper</p>

Mississauga Piano Studios (3 years)</p>

<p>Volunteers (100+ hours) :
Harbourfront Centre (2 summers): finance department and arts/crafts booth
Carassauga Cultural Festivals Volunteer (2 months)
Cooksville United Church (2 summers): junior choirmaster, piano accompaniment</p>

<p>Hey aangehu,</p>

<p>I think you should really try to get your predicted IBs up, especially for your HL subjects. They are truly going to frown upon a 5 in HL English, and to be honest you should have at least one 7 in your HLs.</p>

<p>While your extracurriculars look quite strong, you should push up your academics. I'm also applying from a competitive IB school, and your predicteds are a tad lower than just about everyone I know applying to Ivies. Your standardized test scores could also be a bit higher.</p>

<p>Basically, I'm sure you're a very proactive individual and that you love to get involved in things. Just try to boost your grades a bit!</p>