Help- Chances?

<p>I am a rising junior at a very competitive, well-known and respected high school. My grades are consistent. A's in all subjects except for math and sciences, in which I maintain a steady B. Because I go to such an intense school, all my classes are advanced and therefore my gpa is curved and is over a 4.0. As for extra-curriculars, I take MGs (sort of like electives at my school that you take during lunch or off period that can boost your gpa and let you study a winder range of topics). I manage boys cross-country, am in stage crew (design sets for the school play), play jv soccer, and am a leader in my school's chapter of buildOn, a community service club. There is also a chance I will be going to a tba third world country next spring to build a school through this program. I have a summer job and attend Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth. This is a three week program every summer for four summers in which I take a different college-level course each summer. To be accepted into this program I had to take the ACTs and scored a 21 in seventh grade and received a certificate saying that I "scored higher than the average college-bound senior". I have so far taken three SAT Subject Tests: Bio (580), Lit (which I had not studied for, 550) and Math Level 1 (530). I am fully aware that these scores are less than respectable and I feel they do not reflect my intelligence. I plan on retaking the math, retaking lit or taking Spanish, and taking US History (since by the end of junior year I will have completed APUSH and Spanish 4). I also plan on taking the SATs early in the fall so if I mess up, I have time to try again and will take the ACTs in the spring, as my school now requires it.
I plan on applying to:
-Penn (Kind of a reach, but they take a high percentage of graduates from my school every year because of our good name and since we are local)
-Columbia (reach)
-Boston U
-Johns Hopkins
-Northeastern (sort of my safety)</p>

<p>I am determined to eventually earn my Ph.D in Psych, as it is my passion, and i hope to have a career in Industrial Organizational Psych or Psych Research.</p>

<p>The only thing I'm really concerned about are my standardized test scores. My SAT Subjects are hideous and I'm hoping to improve them. I am fairly certain I can do well on the ACTs and will be taking an SAT prep class this summer, as well as doing some independent studying for it.</p>

<p>Sorry this was so long guys. So....what are my chances of getting into a fairly respectable college? advice/input/suggestions needed.</p>