HELP!!!!! Chemistry and Bio classes

<p>Hey I will be an entering freshman at GT next fall.</p>

<p>I was wanting to know, as a Biochem major, which Chem class is harder or may be a challenge to freshmen: Physical Chemistry (3411) or Quantitative Chemistry (2211)? </p>

<p>With one of these classes, my fall schedule will look like: Math 1502 (cal 2), Chem 2311 (organic), HPS 1040 (health), Physical or quant chem, and Honors Genetics or CS 1315.</p>

<p>My spring schedule look likes: Math 2401 (cal 3), Chem 2312 (org 2), Chem 2380, CS 1315 or Genetics, and Physical Chem or Quant Chem.</p>

<p>Also, regarding the Genetics class for Biology, how is the honors course?</p>

<p>Thanks to all!</p>

<p>Dude, in honesty, a calc. 3/Diff Eq./Linear Algebra background would help you a lot for PChem. This is normally hailed as the hardest course in any chemistry department. Normally only Juniors and higher take it because of this (though I know many freshmen that knocked out calc. 3, lin. Alg., and Diff. Eq. and thus took PChem as a sophomore).If you have AP Credit, I’d do Quantitative as you are just have Calc. 2 background. Also, expect genetics to have hellish problem sets. Also, inorganic chemistry could also help (it could also work in reverse where Pchem helps with inorganic).<br>
I would avoid taking taking Pchem as a freshmen. Wait until you finish Diff. Eq at least. </p>

<p>This is just some kind of objective advice from a chem and bio major. I’m sure the same applies at Georgia Tech since I expect the math based courses to be much tougher. Often Pchem here would have averages in the 30s-40s and sometimes lower, and thus a huge curve has to be applied. There is no way Tech can be any better as this is even typical in some intro level physics or math courses over there. I know you’re strong as you are an honors student, but be very careful as your freshman year needs to the year where you create a strong foundation. Don’t burn yourself out. It happens to the best of students, but can clearly be avoided. I wish the best of luck in your decision. I hope you have the best 1st year possible.</p>

<p>For greater perspective, I am currently in a class called physical biology, and I compared the mathematics used in it versus that used in PChem (many of my friends are in it this year). It’s nearly identical. Lots of Multivariable (deriving the poisson and guassian distribution was fun lol), Linear Algebra/equations (Eigen vectors), and perhaps frourier transforms (we definitely deal with this in Pbio, but I think they don’t address it as much in Pchem) are involved, amongst other things. It is extremely intense! The course will hardly be enjoyable without these backgrounds. However, it probably won’t be with them. However, it makes it easier on your grade if you have the background.</p>

<p>you already have all physics credit?</p>

<p>I’m wondering the same thing. Tech takes E and M AP credit? Also, being able to take Pchem as a freshman? Sketch. I can’t tell whether they are a true entering freshman or a transfer because here, you can’t get AP cred. for gen. chem 2 and gen. bio 2., or either physics 2 course. I’m gonna guess this person has joint/college enrollment credit. However, we still wouldn’t really accept such credit for 2nd semester science courses from most institutions.
However, regardless, I will still not recommend they take PChem. I am, however, down for orgo. and genetics (our bio 2 was essentially genetics, just without the annoying mandatory PSets). I would expect Calc. 2 to be annoying/hard. Adding another chem. won’t help.</p>

<p>ya, i looked at previous thread and it does not like you have either pysics 1 or 2 credit. Both are requirements for physical chemistry. If you already have chemistry,and biology credit, you should be taking physics 2211 by the time you are at least a second year.
You should take</p>

<p>Suggested Schedule</p>

<p>fall 2011
Physics 2211-4hours
CS 1315-3 hours
English 1102?-3 hours
Math 1502-4 hours
HPS 1040-2 hours
16 hours</p>

<p>spring 2012
Math 2403-4 hours
chem 2311-4 hours
chem 2211-3 hours
Genetics? what is this called</p>

<p>[GT</a> Catalog : Chemistry and Biochemistry : BS Biochemistry](<a href=“]GT”></p>