HELP! Common App submitted but no confirmation email from schools!

Please help! I have applications due on Jan 15th, including the university of Delaware. I Have submitted the common application for this school, and while i got the email from common app confirming it was successful, the university of Delaware has not emailed me back at all to confirm, none of the schools i have applied to have (I have already looked in all the folders in my email - inbox, spam, junk, promotional, important). I am getting very worried because my Delaware application is not complete… it is not complete until I fill out the information that is supposed to be provided for me in the automatic email sent after submitting the common app. I’m not sure what to do I don’t want to email the admissions office for no reason but this is definitely stressing my out with the deadline in just a few days, Any help would be so appreciated!

When did you submit your applications? Most schools take at least 3 days to send portal login information while some schools may take a few weeks. As long as you submitted your common application, anything you need to do in the portal itself should not hinder your application from getting reviewed for admission since most colleges know people will still be submitting applications up until the last minute. If you submitted your common app over a month ago, then you should contact the schools to make sure they have your application on file. You can also see on the front page of your common app when you log in if your application has been downloaded by the schools you applied to. If they haven’t been downloaded then they should be in the near future and if they have been, the colleges are probably in the process of making your log in info.

I submitted the Delaware application a week ago. All the information on their website says that the SRAR needs to be submitted before the January 15th deadline to be considered for admissions, as well as the supplemental essay (that can only be access and submitted through their school portal account/site). None of this can be done without the email they should be sending me because it contains all the information for my portal account and the link to be able to link my SRAR to my application

Try both of the following in this order:

Go to: Application Management
Select returning user - forgot password - enter your information and you should receive and automated email

If that fails its most likely because you don’t have an account to begin with.

Then try - create and account and follow the steps

If both of these fail, email the admissions office and call them tommorow.

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ok, thank you so so much!