Help creating a possible list of schools and whether this is possible?

I'm a sophomore at UC Berkeley - I withdrew from school this semester and am taking the semester off because I've been depressed for a while - something that's brought on from being in a huge school and living in an apartment made me feel disconnected from a lot of my friends and the school. I want to transfer into another school next year that would be better for me in terms of smaller class size, and I want a school where almost all the students live in the dorms all 4 years preferably. Academics at Berkeley was never the problem for me - I'm a biology major/pre-med with a cumulative GPA at Berkeley of 3.80. I received a 4.0 my first semester freshman year and the Kraft Award. I was on the dean's list my freshman year and received honors all 3 semesters at my time at Berkeley. Additionally, I was secretary of a pre-med club on campus while working at a prestigious public health lab. Please let me know what my options are - I really like Brown, and what other schools would be good for me? Also, will it hurt my chances in admissions if I'm taking a semester off? Thanks! I really appreciate all the help I can get </p>

<p>Taking a sem off shouldn’t be a problem, it’s great that you’re taking care of yourself.</p>

<p>According to this, 21% of B students live off campus:</p>

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<p>My guess is that most of these are jr and sr students, so almost half of the upperclassmen live off campus. This number will be less at schools with Residential colleges (eg. Y and Rice) and some LACs.</p>

<p>Would you consider any of the Claremont colleges, Grinnell, Amherst?</p>

<p>I would love to consider small liberal arts colleges! Would I have a chance at them?</p>

<p>I don’t see why not, and your reasons for transferring would be very relevant.</p>

<p>Thanks so much! Does anyone else have any advice or suggestions for colleges? Rice is definitely a good option too</p>