Help! CUNY Incidental Costs for OOS

I was accepted as an OOS freshman for Fall '21 to John Jay College of Criminal Justice. I’d like to hear from students (or their families) who are out of state / living in the dorms at the New Yorker Hotel. We are trying to figure out what the cost of boarding / transportation will be, given that there is no meal plan and I’d be taking the subway daily uptown.

Students who currently attend, do most kids buy groceries and use the kitchens on the dorm floors? Are microwaves or minifridges allowed in your room? How much would be a reasonable amount to plan to spend on groceries with a little dining out ? What food options are on campus, and do students use those in between classes?

Thanks for any input you can give. I am trying to figure out if I can afford to go here. While tuition is low, cost of living is high and JJ doesn’t give you any guidance on the cost of board or public transportation.

Also, is there a communal feel in the dorm area, or are most students local commuters?