Help Currently Freaking Out!!! Submitted wrong thing on common app

HELLO!!! I recently submitted common app and it has come to my attention that I accidentally put my ELA score for my Writing score!! HELP!! I know colleges get official score report but I was wondering WHAT DOES THIS DO TO ME!!! Thanks to all who respond ASAP!!!

You may want to email the colleges to explain the error. Talk to your guidance counselor on the morning.

I just realized I put my ELA score (30) instead of my actual writing score (26) yikes and there’s a sticky on the side of the common app that tells you what score to use depending on when you took the test. From what I understand, they need the official score report from ACT anyways, so hopefully the discrepancy isn’t too great. Surely we can’t be the only ones who’ve done this before?

It’d be nice to hear from others too.