Help decide-FSU,UCF or UAL-H

D21 is interested in Electrical Engineering and her top 3 are FSU, UCF, and University of AL-Huntsville. She wants to be in a warm climate. We can afford all 3, but also want to consider best value. We were not able to visit any but have done some research. She is out of state for all 3. FSU offered an out of state tuition waiver, UCF offered $10,500/year and UAL-H offered enough to cover all but @$3800 of tuition. We expect the room/board and other expenses would be similar enough with the exception that if she went to UCF, she would have a kitchen and not get the meal plan which would save @$1000 or so compared to the other 2. They are all on her list because we felt they are strong in STEM–and welcome any additional thoughts on whether any are better. She likes the dorm options better at UCF and UAL-H, where she would be able to have a private room in a suite. She likes the weather better at UCF and it is the only one with a direct flight. UAL-H provided a detailed plan of how she could graduate in 3 years and seems generous with AP/DE credits. UCF would be the most expensive, but not anymore than we are paying for S19. She thinks she wants to live in FL after graduation but has never lived in a warm climate, so that could change. UAL-H is the least expensive. She is not interested in the sports or party scene, but curious about sororities and things can change. She is serious about her education and getting good grades. Any thoughts on which would provide for better internship opportunities and research opportunities in STEM (EE–but as we know this could change)? Any opinions about any aspect of college life at these 3 universities will be welcome and appreciated.

Thoughts anyone?

@1Lotus, I am very familiar with FSU and UCF. I went to FSU and my sister went to UCF. FSU has a gorgeous campus, but is in a smaller city. I loved every moment of my time there and the school pride and spirit is awesome. It’s a special place. My sister enjoyed her time at UCF, but it was a slightly different feel, with more commuters.(this could have changed, since we both graduated years ago). As for the weather, they are both very similar, However, Tallahassee is a few degree cooler, which I actually find more pleasant, as it is brutally hot here in Florida for 8 months of the year.
As for the academics, FSU is higher regarded, but not sure if this is the case with engineering. One thing to consider, if she goes to FSU, I think she’d have to take some engineering courses at FAMU. I’m not sure about this, though. Good luck with the decision. Go Noles!!


Maybe something to consider…Huntsville is booming, especially for engineers. There are quite a few engineering jobs (and internships) because there are many big companies with a presence there, or heading there. We are moving there this summer so I have been looking at the job market for my oldest who is a junior computer engineering major. Huge space industry presence if that’s something she may be interested in. Sorry I don’t know much about the actual school but know my son looked at it way before we even decided we were moving there.