Help deciding - pitt vs rutgers

Hi everyone. Just need some help deciding between pitt and rutgers. Just for some context, I was admitted to both schools under arts and sciences with an intended major in economics. i eventually plan on transferring to their respective business schools (denied from rbs and wish I had applied for business originally at pitt). i am visiting pitt next week and going to visit rutgers eventually as it is my state school. as far as price goes, they are fairly similar and pitt is around 5k more expensive (which i can afford). for me, I have always wanted to go a bit further but with the more research I do about rutgers, it seems as if it is a good choice. my parents are leaning towards rutgers thus far due to the proximity to the city and potential job opportunities. i have grown up in nj my whole life and known a lot about rutgers but i applied to pitt on a whim (mostly because it was rolling) and it has emerged as one of my top choices (even though i don’t know much about it). i would love to know your thoughts, thanks!

One is in the city; one isn’t. Both are fine. Since you are visiting Pitt, see if you feel a spark. In this day and age, jobs are found on the Internet and it’s not like NYC is a hot spot - whereas Pittsburgh is and much cheaper to live.

Costs being similar, for me it’d be Pitt. But I’m not you. There’s no wrong answer here.

If you visit both and feel a spark at one, that’s your choice.

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thanks for the input, visiting will help for sure!

I’d probably pick Pitt. It’s in fun part of the city, internships are easier, and it’d satisfy your desire to go a little further from home.

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Pittsburgh is nicer than NB and both have similarly ranked programs. If both are affordable, I’d go with Pitt. But do visit and see which one “feels right”.