HELP! decision on housing

<p>I want to hear other's opinions about my situation. </p>

<p>Since I accidently applied for housing of year 2009, I just got the offer from them today.</p>

<p>The only reason that I applied for a dorm was to have better social life when I transfer to UC. Since English is my second language, I need more interaction with other people who doesn't speak my native language. however, I got triple in sexon suite. I did read the tread explaining each types of dorm and found out that suites are not social-friendly. </p>

<p>I now am living in an studio near downtown by myself, paying 750 a month. if i go to saxon suite I would be paying about 150% of what I am paying right now.</p>

<p>I want to know if it worth it or should I just live here and try to be more involved ?</p>

<p>saxon suites are pretty anti social</p>

<p>Submit a CAR requesting a housing assignment change. You can try to get into a residential hall or plaza.</p>

<p>I thought plaza's were pretty anti-social too. Like Sunset and De Neve.</p>