Help dillema

<p>My dillema is that I want to apply to very good universities like harvard, columbia, stanford etc... I am valedictorian of my class, but the only problem is my SAT scores arent so good. I haven't studied that much and I know that my range is around 2000. I have registered to take them June 05, but now I am wondering if i should just wait and take them in October. I have not taken the SAT at all yet. I want to wait because I dont wnat colleges seeing the crappy scores that im going to get in June. I know that I will do better in October because I am going to study over the summer like crazy. If i know i will increase my score by like 200 over the summer is it even worth taking the SAT in June? I know Harvard has Score Choice, so if i took the one in June it wouldnt matter, but Columbia Stanford, Cornell, UPenn, yale, all have "ALL SCORES" policy meaning they want all my scores. </p>

<p>If I got a 2250 in October, and like a 2000 in June,, wouldnt it look weaker than a kid who took it only once and got a 2250???</p>

<p>WHAT SHOULD I DO??? I HAVE ONE DAY TO DECIDE..!!! Also i dont really care about the 45 dollars that i will lose if i dont go, Its better than me ruining my chances to a top school.</p>