Help!!! Do I have a chance at Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, and maybe Stanford or MIT?

<p>I'm a junior
Hispanic male (born Argentina, lived in Colombia 8 years, came to US at age 9)</p>

<p>I'm in a good public school in California with about 5 people going to Ivies each year and about 22-28 going to Berkeley, UCLA, and UCSD</p>

<p>GPA unweighted: 4.00
weighted: 4.40 (expect to get 4.48 by end of junior year and 4.68 by end of senior year, which is good enough to meet the 4.65 standard to be a valedictorian in my school district (more than one is allowed)</p>

<p>class rank: 5/613</p>

<p>Course Loads:</p>

<p>8th Grade:
Geometry H (for high school credit)</p>

French 1 CP
English 9H
Algebra 2H
Biology H
Career Ops/geography/health
Track and field</p>

English 10H
AP European History (only a 3 on exam though)
Chemistry H
Math Analysis H
French 2 CP
Track </p>

AP English Language and Composition
AP Chemistry (expecting a 5, large amount of people who take it in my school get 4's and 5's)
AP Calculus AB
AP US History
Photography CP
French 3 CP

<p>Planned for senior year:
AP English Literature and Composition
AP Studio Art (photography)
AP Physics
AP Economics/ American Political Systems
AP Statistics

<p>(other APs offered at my school are AP biology, AP computer science, AP art history, AP music theory, and i think that's it)</p>

<p>SAT I: 1970
Verbal: 640
Math: 690
Writing: 640 (68 MC, 7 on essay)</p>

<p>But I am currently taking SAT prep and on a practice test my score range was 2110-2320 so I hope to get in the 2200s or higher.</p>

<p>SAT II's:</p>

<p>Chemistry: 760
Math II: 760
U.S. History: 740</p>

Track and Field- 4 years (won frosh soph 4x100 relay in league finals last year)
CSF (will have 3 years)
Link Crew leader (Link Crew is a nationally recognized program where upperclassmen take freshmen through the freshman orientation a week before school starts, and they also do tutoring for struggling freshmen throughout the school year, for those of you who didn't know) (will have 2 years)
Volunteer at American Red Cross chapter in my county (will have 2 years)
Volunteer at local hospital 4 hours a week (will have 2 years)

<p>I want to major in electrical engineering</p>

<p>So what are my chances? </p>

<p>And also, if anyone knows about the Regents scholarship thing for UC's can you tell me about it? Or any other scholarship I should consider?</p>

<p>Does that GPA include freshman year or just sophomore and junior? UCs only include the middle two years in GPA calculation.</p>

<p>You have great chances if you improve your SAT 1 scores.</p>

<p>My GPA includes freshman year, but it wouldn't make a difference for unweighted since I got a 4.0 every semester so far, as for the weighted that's according to how my school district weighs GPA. And as for UC GPA, does it lower my GPA just because I'm taking 7 classes this year instead of 6, because I know they only weigh up to 8 semesters, so it seems like the more classes you have, the lower your UC GPA will be even if your unweighted GPA is a 4.0, because if you can have only 8 semesters with a 5.0 weighted, and I have a total of 26 semesters between my sophomore and junior years, since the other 18 semesters can only be a 4.0, they're going to weigh down the 8 semesters with a 5.0. So for example, would someone who had a total of 24 semesters for their sophomore and junior years have a higher UC GPA if their unweighted GPA was also a 4.0 (because 8 semester are 5.0 and only 16 are 4.0 instead of 18 as in my case)? Can someone explain how exactly that works please???</p>

<p>Bump. Please help me out here!!!</p>

<p>First of all, the eight semester cap is to determine eligibility only. This way, people who maintain a 3.0 by taking like 3 PEs and getting Bs in 3 wieghted courses cannot sneak their way into being eligible. So, for the purposes of the actual evaluation, full weightage is granted and reviewed. </p>

<p>UC GPA is a fickle friend. It can be helpful or harmful depending on what the specific circumstances are. Say you had 7 classes and 6 of them were weighted; your max GPA is a 4.86. But if you had 6 classes and 5 of them were weighted, you would have a 4.83, slightly lower. In this case, taking less classes hurts. On the otherhand, if you took 7 classes, where you had 5 weighted classes, 1 a-g unweighted, and 1 non-a-g unweighted, you would have a 4.83; you could have gotten the same GPA by taking one less class.</p>

<p>Most importantly, these GPAs are considered in the context of your school and district first. For example, your school apparently allows you to take weighted courses as a freshman, while mine does not. So, presumably, the weighted GPAs from your schools would be quite a bit higher on average than mine, when taking into account the freshman year. UCs would therefore not really penalize you for having a slightly lower GPA because of one extra class.</p>

<p>All of this turns moot when you consider the fact that UCs only use sophomore and junior grades and that intra-school consideration is necessary for accurate evaluation.</p>

<p>Looking at your stats though, I would be very surprised if you didn't at least make it into UCSD (80%)</p>

<p>UCB 60%
UCLA 70%
Stanford 10% (standard for qualified students)</p>

<p>Chance back please: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Also, I got a letter for ELC saying that I may qualify, and I'm pretty sure I'll get it because it would be for the top 4% which is about the top 24 students in my class.</p>

<p>another school you might want to consider is Georgia Tech
the engineering is good</p>


<p>bump please</p>

<p>bring the math SAT-I score to a 750! If you can do that, you'll make it into every UC and maybe even Stanford!</p>

<p>I'll chance you assuming you make a 2200+ when you retake the SAT:
UCB- Your high GPA, (assumed to be) high SAT score, and your URM status give you a real advantage here. I would say 60%-75%!
UCLA- 80% You should get into UCLA even if you don't get into UCB
UCSD- 90% UCSD has become pretty competitive so I wouldn't use it as a safety, but I would be shocked if they didn't let you in</p>

<p>Stanford- Your chances are quite good at Stanford because of your good ECs, good SAT, good GPA, and your URM status! I would say in the range of 40-50%, which is more than most so you are fortunate! Write really good essays and get that 2200 and you might find yourself in Palo Alto!</p>

<p>Chance me back?
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>bump please</p>

<p>Maybe I'm wrong, but wouldn't being a URM not give him ANY advantage at UCB or UCLA due to the UC policies?</p>

<p>Bump please. I would very much appreciate additional comments. And since I just took the SAT I again, if I missed one math question does that mean I'll probably get a 760, assuming I only missed one?</p>

<p>^Can someone answer that? And additional comments please.</p>

<p>I think if you only missed one question on the math that you will likely have above a 760.</p>

<p>Apparently I missed 2 though, so that really sucks, because when I took practice tests the last two times I got 800s on the math. I hope my SAT score is decent overall though.</p>

<p>Bump. People, please add more chance comments. Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>You will do GREAT! I predict you'll be accepted at all your schools. If you can bring up the SAT I scores it will help you, but your SAT IIs are super and offset the SAT Is. Plus your GPA and school record and ECs are phenomenal. You are a VERY compelling candidate.</p>

<p>Make sure to show your charming self to best advantage in your essay.</p>

<p>You have a very BRIGHT future ahead of you!</p>