help does ACT think i cheated?

<p>ACT started releasing scores on tuesday Nov 8 and literally everyone from my school got there act scores back. I know for a fact i did a lot better on this ACT because i studied my ass off for it, but my friends were telling me ACT and SAT people think you cheated if you do a lot better. I'm starting to panic because I haven't opened up an act book since early october and I really don't want to take this test again. Anyone have any idea? I had a long thought about it and the only two options i can think of is that ACT lost my paper or i wrote something wrong, or they think ic heated. Please help</p>

<p>Calm down!:) if u didn't cheat nothing will happen because they won't find evidence.</p>

<p>STAY CALM!! you should try calling or e-mailing them to ask why you haven't recieved your scores yet.</p>

<p>Did you cheat?
If you did, then worry.
If you didn't, then relax and wait.</p>

<p>The ACT will not think you cheated just because you did a lot better, your friends are full of it. My English went from a 27 to a 36 and it was on the website the day the scores were released; obviously they didn't think that I cheated! I have a few friends whose scores haven't been posted yet either. Don't fret.</p>