HELP! Does anybody know what I can do???

<p>Okay, its hard to provide all of the details for my situation, but I'll try to explain it as clearly as I can:</p>

<p>After all of my financial aid is through, there is about a 7k dollar gap left behind for me to go to the school I want to go to.
I can contribute about 2k and so can my bro. My father claims that he will contribute "what he can" but flat out REFUSES to take out any sort of plus loan, even for as little as a couple thousand. If he doesnt qualify for a plus loan, then i can get 4K added on to stafford, helping to close the gap, but if he does qualify, and refuses to take the plus loan, then I'm about 3k short of where I need to be and forced to go to a state school.
Not to mention the fact that I'm ruled out of (to my knowlege) any sort of private loan, because my father doesnt make a lot of money, has no assets, and a horrible credit rating, and I need a co-borrower who is a guardian. </p>

<p>If anybody could PLEASE let me know of any other source of financial aid that I might qualify for, let me know</p>

<p>if you work this summer, you would make at least 2-3k.</p>

<p>How about a part-time job during the school year? You should be able to make 3K that way. There are also outside scholarships you can apply for even while in college.</p>

<p>Another possibility for beyond the freshman year. You could apply to be an RA in a dorm. That usually pays for room and board, perhaps with some extra beyond that.</p>

<p>that 2k is what i plan on making this summer, since i already have two jobs lined up. plus i have a couple hundred put away but thats going to go toward desposits (im putting deposits at both schools)</p>

<p>the RA idea is a good one though, in fact, i think you can become an RA after your first semester at some schools.</p>

<p>My kids worked 80-90 hours a week most summers, bussing tables, private lessons, etc. THey made a heck of a lot more than $2-3K, I assure you. You can start working weekends and after school NOW as well. My son is right at this moment.</p>

<p>definitely don't work now, at least not until the ap tests are out of the way.</p>

<p>It's a little unorthodox, but does your brother have a credit card? He can charge the balance, then lock in a rate, now it's about 4% or so if your credit is good and don't use the card anymore because then the new balance has a new interest rate. You have to pay the minimum due each month but if that's all you pay, the balance will decrease at a very slow rate. Try to pay it off by working. Maybe your dad could pay the minimum, it should only be around $100 a month. Then next year apply to be an RA. Before you do this, wait for any lurking accountants or other money-wise people to tell you whether it's a good idea or not.</p>

<p>Where are you getting your total cost from? Most times the estimated cost of attendance at universities is overestimated...particularly in regards to the cost of living section. Doing things like looking for an RA position, working during school, using the library for books instead of buying them, buying groceries instead of a meal plan, etc. can DRASTICALLY cut down on the money that they say you need. It's possible.</p>