Help! Down to the wire: Columbia College vs. American University / Audio Production

<p>Hello All... any insights are appreciated! My son is an accepted transfer student at both Columbia College/Chicago and American University in D.C. for Fall 2010. Yes, right around the corner! We are from the New York metroplolitan area. Both schools are giving him pretty open deadlines, however, his final decision will be in a few days. These are very different schools ( and pricetags)! </p>

<p>His major will be audio production and his options remain open for how he will eventually specialize in that. Possibly music production, for which he has done an intense internship, but he's also interested in film and TV audio production. We have visited both schools - the plus for AU is that they are almost finished with a brand-spanking new state-of-the-art studio. But, we are not sure of just how in-depth the major is, regardless of how beautiful the facility is. He is transferring from George Washington University, only because he developed an interest in this major, which they do not offer.</p>

<p>Columbia College, Chicago, seems to have a diverse audio production curriculum, but we are aware that they have an open admission policy, which does concern me as far as how much they expect of their students in the other academic areas. Also, most professors appear to be adjunct. But, I am sure they are also experienced in their field. If anyone has any experience with the college, I'd appreciate your input. Thank you!</p>

<p>I am still in high school but I have a friend going to Columbia College in Chicago. It is a good school for film majors although I'm not sure about audio. And yes the school is VERY easy to get into. I don't know anything about American University but it probably has better academics than Columbia if that is another worry. I am from the Chicago area and Columbia is not hard to get into.</p>

<p>Thank you for your reply. It helps!</p>

<p>No problem, any time!:)</p>