Help filling out activities!

<p>Hi all,</p>

<p>I want to know the best way to list achievements in the EC "Activities" section.
For example, if I win many different math contests, would I create just one academic activity, listing math, and listing all awards? There is not enough room to describe and list all of the ones I would like to. Where on the CommonApp would I best describe what each award/achievement entails?</p>

<p>I would attach a document listing everything in detail, make sure you make it look nice.</p>

<p>OK thanks.
Another question: do the short answer have to be fancy, or do I go straight to the facts on my Extracurricular Activity (do students use elegant writing, narrative, etc.) ?</p>

<p>And without using additional info, am I correct that there are only 2 spots to describe EC's (short answer and essay)?
I would like to describe around 4 meaningful events, so I can use the supplement essays for some schools, but what do I do for other schools without additional essays?</p>

<p>Yes, make sure you use eloquent writing.
I would still fill in the additional info sections even if you are submitting an extra doc. Do you have a resume? You may consider making one over the summer.
I dont think a school would penalize you for submitting an extra essay, just be sure to personalize it for that school, not only will you be reusing your essays but will make it seem like you are really interested in attending.</p>