Help Find Colleges for My Friend! :)

<p>Can you help out my friend? What she needs are some schools that are high/regular/low matches and low reaches. I just need an idea of what level of college you think she can get into, get names of such colleges, and then we can go from there. Help is greatly appreciated!!! Just list some schools and tell me where she's at (match/reach/etc.).</p>


-White female
-Rural Iowan
-Small public school (40 in her class), sends no grads to top schools (except me! :D )</p>

<p>ACT: 31</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9 UW</p>

<p>RANK: 5/40</p>

<p>RIGOR: Hardest available...which isn't much in a small school like ours--we don't have honors or AP. So, though it's hardest available, it's not too competitive with larger schools. She did do an AP class online</p>

<p>RECS: Will be quite good</p>

Vocal Music (4 yrs) Quite a few accomplishments
Instrumental Music (4 yrs) Quite a few accomplishments
Student Council (4 yrs) Member, maybe hold office senior year
Speech <a href="4%20yrs">aka forensics</a> State every year
Volunteering (4 yrs) (she didn't go into details but said quite a bit)
..and a few others most likely</p>

-Rural Iowan


<p>huge boost. what is she looking for in a school? she could get into a top 25 school, i believe.</p>

<p>U of Iowa of course. You're not helping us much here. Does she need FA? Does she want a small/large school? Rural/Urban?</p>

<p>Basically, she's looking for the highest ranked and most prestigious schools that she can get into. I just need help finding where she's at as far as competitive-ness as an applicant. She's making her initial list and has no preference as far as rural/urban/warm/cold climate as of now. U of Iowa Honors is a safety.</p>

<p>she's going to have to look further than prestige to find a school for her.</p>

<p>ughh, thanks. Honestly, posts such as yours are not helpful. I'm not asking for your criticism of what you perceive (and your perception is incorrect). Instead, I am asking for help on the question that's explicitly stated in the first post.</p>

<p>It's not like she's going to pick a #20 ranked school over a #21 ranked school simply based on prestige. Instead, she wants to know if she can get into the top ten, top 20, or top 50 (whatever it may be) in order to narrow it down from there. Simply put, I want to aim her for the best (academic/selectivity/prestige) schools that she has a reasonable chance of admission, and from there her decision is her own and she will choose based on whatever criteria she, herself, decides on.</p>

<p>I hope my post doesn't sound snotty, but posts like that do not help the OP or further discussion. I see posts like that all the time on these boards and they irk me. Posters shouldn't automatically question the motives of the ops.</p>

<p>Can anyone help me out on the question I asked? How selective of a school can she get into?</p>

ughh, thanks. Honestly, posts such as yours are not helpful.


<p>I wasn't trying to be annoying. I was actually trying to help figure out which schools she'd be good for. I mean, I could say UVa, UMich, or even schools like Duke or Penn. But that'd be unhelpful if she doesn't like schools like those. </p>

<p>With solid letters of recommendation and essays, she is quite capable of schools maybe like Rice in terms of selectivity. Her ACT is somewhat low for a top 10 school, but hey, if she likes them, she's definitely in range. Like I said, for schools such as Columbia, Duke, Penn, UChi, etc, it's possible - essays + recs are key here.</p>

<p>I hope that helped?</p>

<p>Thank you. I did ask her what schools she might like or what locations she would totally NOT go to, but she didn't really have any info for me. So, I figured I'd find out what she might be able to get in and go from there.</p>

<p>Not knowing what she really wants I'll just throw some schools out there:
Ohio State Match/Safety
Smith Match
Kenyon Match
Denison Match
Oberlin Match</p>

<p>A 31 ACT is equivalent to a 1370 SAT (CR+math).</p>

<p>Will she take the SATs?
What does she want to study?</p>

<p>Some of the Ivys are within her range but reaches.
Washington University St Louis
Notre Dame