help finding a college in the northeast

<p>I go to a small private catholic school in New York and have around a 3.1 gpa. I have 6 honors courses going into my senoir year and will have 3 AP's by the time I graduate (US History, Spanish, Euro History). My sats arent that great, I recieved a 1700/2400. I plan on taking it again and taking the act as well. Looking at business major and pre law.</p>

Baseball (4 years captain 1)
Football (2 years captain 1)
Basketball (2 years)
Newspaper Club (1 year)
Literary notebook Club (1 year)
Snowboard club (2 years) <- if it even counts
Technology Club (1 year)
4 years of travel baseball
3 years with a job</p>

<p>no need for financial aid </p>

<p>I have also do community service hours at a food pantry every saturday for 3 hours and do community service at a pre school for kids who have mental disablities.</p>

<p>Senoir class schedual: ap euro, ap spanish, english 12, pre-calc, anatomy, gov't/ economics,</p>

<p>I would like to stay in the northeast and I have visited both large and small schools so size doesn't really bother me. </p>

<p>Just trying to figure out where i should be looking and what are the best schools i have a chance at. Thank you for your time</p>

SUNY Albany
Suny StonyBrook
any of the SUNYs lol
CUNYs if you prefer less of campus-y feel and more like a city feel
Dowling College
Michigan State (don't know how NorthEast that is lol)
Maryland (may be a bit of a reach, but you may want to try)
University of Rhode Island
Roger Williams
UMass Amherst
Penn State (a tiny bit of a reach, but definite possibility)
Boston University (reach)
Boston College (Reach)
Brandeis (a bit of a reach)</p>

<p>Lol that's all I could think of for now. Take a look at those, because they are all really good colleges, fit your stats, have nice campuses, and offer good educations.</p>

<p>wow thank you so much that is a realy helpful list. by the way were is brandeis?</p>

<p>^it's outside of boston, to be honest it will probably be a reach for you.</p>

<p>I'll add Marist, Sienna & Providence to the above list.</p>

<p>And check out Fairfield University (in Fairfield, CT).</p>

<p>Pittsburgh (PA)<br>
Allegheny College (PA)
Elizabethtown College (PA)
Susquehanna (PA)
St Lawrence U (NY)
University of Scranton (PA)
Providence (RI)</p>

<p>I think the previously suggested Boston College , Boston U and Brandeis are too much a a reach)</p>

<p>I don't think Boston College, Boston University, or Brandeis are "too much of a reach." It's the same chances of a 4.0, 2250+ kid applying to the Ivies: it's a reach, but everyone has to have a reach or few, or they'll always wonder "what if?" Plus, as far as reaches go, his stats generally match those of a reach at those 3 schools.</p>

<p>Yea i actually visited marist and realy thought it was nice. By the way, scout mom, from what ive seen isnt Pitt a big reach? On the subject of Boston College i do realize that that is deffinatly a big reach for me.</p>

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<p>Anyone else have any input?</p>

<p>bump anyone?</p>

<p>St. Lawrence University does not have Business! (as in SLUMOM, so I should know)</p>

<p>thank you lol By the way do any of you have an ideas for like bigger public Universities that would be possibillities?</p>