Help finding a safety school!

<p>I am currently in my first quarter at a small local school about 15 minutes away from my house. I'm not not very happy there and looking to transfer. I'm going to stick out the year, so I'm looking for schools for the fall of 2012. Last year when applying to schools I really wanted to go out of state, and ended up choosing the local school because it was cheaper and I couldn't really settle on any other schools. I regret staying so close to home, because for me personally i don't feel like it's the college experience that i was looking for. </p>

<p>I already applied to : American University, Michigan State University, University of Washington and Depaul University.</p>

<p>I am looking for 1 or 2 more schools that i can apply to that will hopefully be safeties and be able to get scholarships and financial aid.</p>

<p>High school:
3.5 GPA
22 ACT ( I know really bad scores)
Decent EC'S
Over 100 hours community service
Exchange program in France
3 years tennis, 1 year captain
National honor society, senior year officer
Volunteer every other week at church
Very involved in small group/youth group
Summer job</p>

3.0 GPA- Fall quarter I got a bad grade in my math class, because I really struggle with math, and that hurt my GPA. I'm not taking math Winter quarter so I think I will have a much higher GPA.
Involved in Circle K international- community service club
Hopefully will be working for winter and spring quarter but don't have a job currently</p>

<p>I'm looking for mostly urban or suburban schools, but wouldnt be against rural schools if it was the right match. I love college sports, mainly basketball and football, but would be willing to give that up, if i found an urban school that fit ( Depaul). I want it to be a decent or large schools. I don't think i would be a good fit for a small LAC.</p>

<p>Right now I am planning on majoring in international relations with a double major in history or political science and a minor in French.</p>

<p>Does anyone have any good suggestions of schools that could be a good fit for me?</p>


<p>DePaul is a joke! The administration act like 5 year olds and the education is slightly above GED. Please go to and read the reviews on DePaul University. It will shock you. They will accept anyone that applies, which is why they stop requiring ACT and SAT scores. I am saying this as a former student.</p>

<p>What is your price range?</p>

<p>try u denver they got like a 68 percent acceptance rate, check this out it shows transfer rates at the bottom</p>

<p>Obama's</a> Lessons for Transfer Students - US News and World Report</p>

<p>Thanks for the link! I did look into a few of those schools, i had actually already applied to University of Denver but never paid the application fee because the school is pretty expensive I didn't think i would be able to afford it.</p>

<p>I'm looking for schools in the 25 to 30 thousand dollars a year after scholarships a</p>

<p>You aren't going to be getting scholarships with a 3.0 transfer gpa. In fact, transfer students generally do not get enticements in the form of scholarships/grants in the same way freshman applicants might.</p>

<p>Since you will be a sophomore transfer, your HS gpa and ACT/SAT scores will be looked at a lot. The good news is that your 3.0 from your first year of college is a good match for where you started out in terms of your HS scores, so you have lived up to your potential while at college. However, there are few if any scholarships out there for 3.0 transfer students, so plan accordingly when applying. Apply to schools that hit your price range when assuming ONLY that you will qualify for the usual Stafford Student Loans (and Pell or other grants you already know about that you qualified for this year).</p>

<p>actually a lot of colleges won't even look at your test scores and high school grades if you got more than 30 credits</p>

<p>Thanks. Anyone else?</p>

<p>Maybe look into some privates...try Goucher, Elon, Eckard.</p>

<p>Also U Tampa might be a good fit</p>