Help finding (yet another) song

<p>Ok, I think it's in French, and I have no idea how to spell the words. If any of you go to U of R, it's the rugby team's favorite song. </p>

<p>It starts (phonetically) my-a-hee, my-a-ha, my-a-hoo, and then goes into a chorus with a word sounding something like "do-bay-yay"</p>

<p>I'm assuming you're talking about the new Italian hit song: Dragostea Din Tei by a group called OZONE. It sounds like that phonetically at the beginning of the song.</p>

<p>I need a song too!!</p>

<p>what is the name of that song that goes "it's a beautiful night, why don't you take it from me"</p>

<p>being played in camera commercials?</p>

<p>Thanks! That was exactly what I was talking about!</p>

<p>do you mean this song?</p>

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<p>THAT is what really goes on in one of those rubber rooms in an insane asylum, lol. Yea, it's that song.</p>