Help! FIT or traditional college!

<p>Hi, i just finished my freshman year at the university of toronto studying international relations and media studies. i love everything about the city, people, and school except im not really into my program. i got accepted to FIT for advertising and marketing communications which i think ill like a lot more however, i don't really like fit's campus and the environment in nyc. i know most people don't think the college environment/campus is important but for me i think the school environment and place is just as important. when it comes down to it i think that both programs would suit my needs although FIT's would be a bit better b/c of the industry connections (i plan on doing public relations for the fashion/business industry in the future). any insights on what to do?</p>

<p>if you go to nyc, you're gonna have some awesome opportunities that you most likely wouldn't have somewhere else. think of all the stuff you can do in NYC rather than a traditional college. of course some aspects will be a lot better at a traditional but in my opinion the goods of going to a college in nyc outweigh the bads.</p>

<p>Well traditional colleges are totally different. I personally never went to one. Upon my high school graduation I got accepted to a private art institute so I never got to experience the crazy frat/ sorority parties and sun god's and other stuff my friends and family got to experience. But personally I could care less about being in scenes like that. I think going to traditional school might distract you more and take a longer time to achieve you goals. But it's really on yourself I would say. But I'm sure NYC would have a lot more opportunities in fashion compared to Toronto. But maybe it would cost less $$$?</p>