Help! Fitted sheets always too small!

I’ve had my queen mattress for a long time, like 26 years. It’s one of those very thick padded ones, and I love it. When I first got it, I had Charisma sheets and no problem at with fit. But eventually those wore out and I got new ones. And so on. All, and I mean ALL of them have had the problem that the fitted sheet is too small, especially after laundering, even though it is supposedly for a very thick mattress. It would probably fit if the mattress could be bent back to force it over the last corner, but the mattress just won’t bend like that.

Am I the only one who has this problem? How to solve it? Would buying a king flat sheet work? This is driving me nuts.

I loved charisma sheets too! I use Boll and Branch on my 22” double sided mattress and they’re pretty good. They don’t come off. I also wash them on warm and low heat to dry. Fair warning they are a bit pricey but cheaper than the charisma sheets way back when ? Definitely tough to find these days with all the thin foam and latex mattresses.

Measure your mattress, maybe it isn’t standard.

Lands End sheets are good quality, reasonably priced, and fit mattresses up to 18”. I’ve never had shrinkage.

^^^^ I totally agree about Lands’ End sheets. They are very very deep in terms of allowing for a thick mattress. Easy to make the bed with them.

I agree - my fitted sheets always seem to shrink. The depth is fine (I don’t have one of those really deep mattress) but I have to really stretch to get it to fit across the top. My mattress is a standard size and I believe they were snug when I got them, but after a few years they are impossible to get on. Don’t know what kind of sheets they are - not expensive ones - most likely something I got at BB&B.

I had the same problem, but I found the sheets at Costco were economical and roomy. And nice quality!

You need to look for “deep pocket” sheets - they are out there! I get lands end sheets and they size generously.

Agree - our deep pocket sheets are tight, but they work.

My last set of Costco sheets (Hotel series) is awesome and has very deep pockets.

We bought deep pocket King size sheets from Sams, and we liked them so much that we got same in another color. (The are solid color with woven-in stripes, and that makes it easy to get them in the right orientation the first try). After very many weekly cold water washes & dry they still easily fit the mattress.

I gave up on fitted queen sheets years ago. I only have king sheets. No idea what brand. Just 100% cotton that my MIL finds on sale at Ross.

The mattresses we have at our weekend place are all thick; the Costco sheets work the best.
I have some hotel brand, pretty decent thread count, from Bloomingdales on the sleep number at home. They fit very snugly & it isn’t an exceptionally thick mattress. Love the sheets, but it’s a pain getting them on the bed.

Hi @Consolation - I have a very thick mattress as well. What I’ve always been told and what works for me - measure the depth of your mattress. Add 3 inches. Search for deep pocket sheets that are for that depth. Not the actual depth of your mattress. My guess is you probably need to be buying 18" sheets, like I need for my mattress. (Don’t just look for deep pocket. Be sure to measure. Some deep pocket sheets are only 15" and that just won’t do.) It really limits the sheet selection, but after using that formula, my sheets stay on 100%. You don’t need fancy brand name ones from a store. Even the Walmart brand stays put.