Help for my daugher's decision

<p>Looking for feedback about my daughter's colleges.</p>

<p>She's been accepted to St Josephs, Quinnipiac, Susquehanna, Hofstra, Drexel, Lycoming, Albright, Scranton.</p>

<p>waiting for Marist, Muhlenberg, Lafayette</p>

<p>Her SATs are 1090/1600</p>

<p>GPA 3.6/3.8 wt</p>

<p>She is very quiet and not much of a partier, but looking for a really nice school with a decent social life and nice kids. </p>

<p>What do you think her chances at Marist are? I hear the kids are a bit snobby and parties are at bars in town.</p>

<p>She really likes St Joseph's so far. Seems like a nice school.</p>

<p>Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.</p>

<p>I would highly recommend Muhlenberg. My son is a freshman there and is extremely happy with his classes, professors, social life etc. The kids are very friendly.</p>

<p>Quinnipiac has a great communications program (probably one of the best in the country)</p>

<p>Don't go to Hofstra, much more of a party school and surrounding area is trashy.</p>

<p>Joyce15, Thank you so much for your advice! We actually applied to Muhlenberg as Test optional so I think she has a pretty good chance of getting in.</p>

<p>thanks mcvcm92. My d is not in communications but Quinnipiac seems nice also. </p>

<p>Hofstra is out so far for us b/c of campus and surrounding area.</p>

<p>I'm sure the colleges will give you feedback in a few months.</p>

<p>Can't comment on all of them, but my younger D is in the Honor's program at Albright and is quite happy. </p>

<p>We looked at Quinnipiac when my older D was looking: campus is a little removed with no place to walk to, seemingly proportionately large commuter population, and there was a concern about senior year housing. </p>

<p>I liked Susq, but D did not. </p>

<p>Both D's were initially impressed by Drexel, but were turned off by dorms, lack of campus, and safety concerns especially in area surrounding dorms. </p>

<p>We liked Lafayette, but both D's did not, and town was questionable -- although it was obvious that safe sex is practiced there as my younger D did notice a well-signed 'Condoms Galore' store in our drive through downtown.</p>

<p>D at Albright is athletic and a total non-drinker/substance user (not even champagne on New Year's). She has found a nice social life at Albright and has intimated that she has not felt pushed to engage in anything conflicting with her health/abstinence stance. In Mohn Hall she made fast and seemingly solid friends in her first semester.</p>

<p>beachbaby -</p>

<p>I would suggest that you try not to worry about this until all of the financial aid packages are on the table. At that time you may find that your "favorite" school is the one that gapped your daughter, or gave most of its aid in loans. When you've worked out what the actual cost after scholarships and grants is for each school then you will be able to compare something that is more like apples and oranges. Right now it looks to me like you are trying to compare apples, firetrucks, and lipsticks.</p>