Help for Non-Achiever Student.... is this reasonable?

<p>I am a parent.
1 year ago, my dh died from the Swine Flu of 2009 - yes healthy people under 50 died :(<br>
.. this put my 17 yo ds into a pretty good depression during this junior year & all those reminders on swine flu in the media and people making fun of it didn't help. It's been really rough for him...
Results -- His grades suffered; B's & C
Results -- We never took the SAT (I was just living in a fog, & he didn't tell me until almost midnight for the June deadline -- not that he would have done well - he's never studied...</p>

<p>Anyways, my dh had always taken care of my kids SAT prep, so my ds fell through the cracks and I'm slowly coming back to life and trying to do right by my son.</p>

<p>My Son:
Does not learn from reading a book. He can't just read and understand -- I have to explain it to him.
He's weak in English; not necessarily a good reader
He really likes Physics.
He learned Math from the weakest curriculum ever, Discoving Algebra Series by Key Curriculum Press (they never had homework; they only did 2 problems bd in class)... I currenly have him in tutoring..</p>

<p>So, i'm not trying for a miracle -- I've read a bunch of you have REALLY high scores, and I'm not expecting THAT, but I owe it to him to try to help him succeed, which means supplying him with the information, the tools, and the support so he can help himself.</p>

<p>As far as information,
I've read a bunch of threads, albeit some of them older regarding which books to purchase.
Would you see if my plan seems to be workable?
He'll be a 12th grader. First time for his SAT is October. I plan to have him repeat 1-2 x.</p>

<li> Order BB - Cut it up and work at it in sections. Review what he's done correctly AND incorrectly; making notes for areas where he seems to just NOT get it.
Should plan on 30 minutes per day???</li>

<p>Reading --
Order Direct Hits (Vol 1 & Vol 2) - Have him learn 30 words per day.
Order Gruber's SAT GUIDE

Maybe Gruber's SAT MATH WORKBOOK</p>

<p>I'm confused on what the GRUBER's 2400 Book would do.</p>

<p>I apologize for not being UP TO SPEED. I am trying to get there...I've actually spent the month of June focusing on his Alg 2 tutoring and am now trying to tackle this. I would appreciate any help you are willing to give me.</p>

<p>A definite yes to BB and Direct Hits. BB for practice tests (have him do tests to get a feel for the time and look back on his mistakes) and Direct Hits for vocab. </p>

<p>I would recommend a book that gives him a thorough review of content (Math and Writing) because there's no point in testing to find out that he doesn't know half of the math. I'm not sure if Grubers does this well (and if it does, it's only for math). </p>

<p>Princeton Review is usually the best for reviewing content, but I've never looked at it so I can't verify it. </p>

<p>Good luck - I hope for the best</p>

<p>Hi there, um Gruber's math book is all fine and good, but I honestly thought that the complete 2009 Gruber's guide was better at math. PM me for more info please.</p>