Help for regular decision

<p>So I am a Questbridge finalist that ranked A LOT of schools: Yale, Princeton, Columbia, USC, Stanford, and Brown. I unfortunately did not get matched with any of them and am hoping to in regular decision. However, it somewhat seems like I have been forgotten by them. My friends have gotten Princeton and Yale interviews scheduled and I have not. Did I need to contact these schools in some way to say "yes, I want to do regular decision so please give me equal opportunity as the regular decision pool?"</p>

<p>But on a side note, I did get accepted to USC regular decision (though I somewhat think they did not even consider people for the college match since they downloaded my Common Application on January 1...</p>

<p>each school has their own policy as to what you should do after you were not matched. that information was sent to you back in december. for example, i know that yale will consider you for RD automatically, but that others do not unless you notify them.</p>

<p>congrats on usc.</p>

<p>I did my interviews in November and just got contacted by Stanford. If you and your friends are from the same area, I would ask. If not, maybe there isn't an interviewer in your area.</p>