Help for SAT Writing and Language

S24 is taking the SAT in August. Hoping for a one and done. He has been taking practice tests and using the SAT practice book with once a week meeting with a one on one tutor who goes over the wrong questions. I am not sure I need to keep paying for this service since he only seems to need help with the Writing and Language section. Does anyone have experience with the Erica Meltzer book or any other resources?

Well, that is half the test. Has he made improvements to his score? If so, maybe you don’t need to keep paying for the tutor. If not, maybe it’s time for a different tutor. Or get the Meltzer book, which many people recommend.

Just the grammar section, is that not what it is called? He gets about 3-4 wrong on each section but it seems a little more random what he gets wrong on that grammar section, the reading is a longer section and he also gets 2-3 wrong

Sorry, I misread that.

It’s really hard to go from 3-4 wrong to 1 wrong. You’re talking about a tiny number. His score must already be reasonably good. Yes, try the Meltzer book.

Thank you! I am concerned that the tutor is trying to get something out of us and him that isnt possible. HIs first full real full test was a 1560. I think that it is money in the toilet if he can review from that book.

1560? I suggest he stop. He runs the real risk of overprepping. Kids start overthinking these tests. Once some already has a very high score, it’s incredibly difficult to improve that. He has almost as much chance of getting a lower score. At this level, you’re talking about one extra point being wrong, which could knock his score down another level.

I do test prep. There will be nothing left for him to practice soon, or at least no official tests. He can do a practice test in a few weeks, and maybe another one or two as he gets closer to test day. I advise he stops while he is ahead.


I am going to message you.