Help for Sister, How Hard is it to Switch to History at UCLA?

<p>My sister is a History major and she knows that its impacted at UCLA....her gpa is not that great but she has all the prerequisites for the History major and her IGETC is complete..along with 60 units.</p>

<p>She wants to apply for Fall 2011 and because History is so impacted I suggested that maybe she should apply as a less impacted major and then switch into it.</p>

<p>Is switching into History even possible?</p>

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<p>I think someone else on this thread mentioned that switching into history isn't difficult (or that's what a counselor told them)... But you can never be so sure. Switching into any major (at UCLA) requires work.</p>

<p>Is she considering TAP? Maybe history as first choice and a less impacted major as alternative. That way switching into it (if she gets accepted to her second choice) isn't nearly as difficult seeing her pre-reqs would be complete.</p>

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<p>umm yeah she is not doing TAP so that wouldn't be an option....i wish she would have done it but she wasn't even considering the UCs...she applied to the CSUs and then only got accepted to CSULA and found out that she had to complete all these b.s. requirements.</p>

<p>she said she would like to stay another year at CCC and shoot for the big guns....cuz she really hates CSULA.....</p>

<p>i secretly wanted her to stay another year at CCC so she could apply to the UC system....but she just wanted to go to CSULA for the teacher prep program....she found out that shiz was bogus...</p>

<p>so now i want to find out the best way she could get in as a history major....</p>

<p>I don't have any first hand knowledge or experience in this, but I don't think it should be that hard to change one's major to history at UCLA. The major is not as impacted as economics, political science, etc. </p>

<p>I mean, the political science page pulled up on Assist says this specifically: "Transfer students must be admitted as Pre-Political Science majors in order to major in Political Science. After transfer to UCLA, students may not change their major to Pre-Political Science if they were originally admitted to another major." </p>

<p>History does not have anything like that.</p>

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