Help for USC Admissions

Is 3.87 GPA, 35 composite ACT, and hardest possible classes enough to qualify academically? I understand I can’t get in solely from stats, but are these stats enough to keep me qualified?

Btw, I received 4 total Bs in my HS career, 3 in first semester freshman year, other B was in first semester sophomore year. Will they be forgiving for the first semester freshman Bs?

You have a good GPA and an excellent ACT scores. While your GPA is on the lowish side for USC, is still well within the mid 50% range of accepted students, and the fact that it’s mostly due to three Bs in freshman year will probably make a difference. In my opinion, you are competitive, at least stats-wise.

Does USC use weighted or unweighted GPA?

I don’t think USC re-calculates GPAs, but they never directly say that. What they will do is a deep dive into the classes you took, their levels, your grades and where those factors place you relative to your classmates. Here is some info from their website:

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