Help Freshmen choose classes!!!

<p>Hi! I'm going to be an upcoming freshmen at revelle college and I was wondering if you guys can help recommend a schedule for me. I'm an undeclared major, possibly looking into bio. I'm looking for a comfortable schedule that won't kill me first quarter and will allow me to settle into the enviornment. The AP credits I have are Biology (4), US history (4), Calc BC (5), American Gov (4), World History (4), and Statistics (4).</p>

<p>Revelle</a> College (overview)</p>

<p>Get the weird GE requirements out of the way! These are classes not related to your major. It sucks to be left with dumb classes like Ethnic Studies, Art, Philosophy during Senior Year. Also the grades you get in your major classes are more important in the long run, grad schools won't care that much what grade you got in ethnic studies but they will care about your science/math classes! </p>

<p>First quarter of freshman year, alot of students are just getting the hang of college and sometimes sleep through a quiz etc.. so sleep through your Spanish quiz.. not your Advanced Biology Lab.</p>