Help from anyone possible!

<p>Does anyone know the Fall 2011 UCSC average accepted gpa for transfers (from CCC) as a psych major? The UCSC booklet & website both say 3.3 for Fall 2011 but that's an average of ALL transfers, I can't seem to find a fall 2011 gpa stat. specifically for Psych majors. I'm applying as a Psych major and would have a 3.2 by end of Fall 2011 (Applying for Fall 2012). If anyone could share any info. they might have on that that would be a GREAT help! Thanks!</p>

<p>Doesn't look like the campus publishes the stats in that much detail (not for transfers anyway). You can probably find the admissions stats by major and GPA range at UC StatFinder, but the information is going to be outdated (latest stats available are from 2009): University</a> of California: StatFinder</p>

<p>you should be okay. I got accepted in Ucsc with 3.0 GPA</p>

<p>Hopefully! Thanks! Did you have a lot of extra curricular activities?</p>

<p>@ psychislimitless: You're good </p>

<p>And psychology is limitless. :)</p>

<p>I got in last year with a 3.1 for Business Management (forgot what its called)</p>